Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

Hope warned Steffy that Taylor needed to stay away from Ridge. Steffy told Hope about herself. Taylor told them to stop arguing because she was right there. Taylor told Hope that she was there if Brooke needed help. Brooke told Ridge that she didn’t know why she drank again. Carter met Paris and Grace (Paris’ mother). Grace knew who Carter was. She said she remembered what he did to her daughter.

Ridge told Brooke that he was trying to help her. She said he removed all of the alcohol from the house and went to a meeting with her. She said he has been incredibly supportive. She told him he needed to go to work. He said he liked how they could tell each other anything. She said they could, but he needed to go to work.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

Paris becomes uneasy about Zende’s motives in arranging a family reunion. After a fierce argument with Hope, Steffy encourages Taylor to fight for Ridge.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022

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Steffy reminded Hope that Ridge had two families. Hope said she thought they were all one big family. She said that was what they were telling the children. Taylor told Hope that she had children and grandchildren with Ridge. Taylor told Hope she didn’t come to town to go after Ridge.

Paris told Carter that her mother was staying in town. Grace said she hadn’t decided yet if she was staying in town. Paris said she was going to stay. Grace said her daughters knew how to take care of themselves. She said they were resilient. Carter said he knew. He said that was why she was offered the position at Forrester. Paris said he recommended her for the job. He said she had a huge fan club there. Grace was concerned.

Steffy apologized to Taylor for arguing with Hope. Taylor said they made valid points. Steffy said Deacon caused problems. She said Hope was throwing it in her father’s face. She said Hope didn’t care about his feelings. Taylor said he made his choice a long time ago. Steffy said he made the wrong choice. She said the Logans were sucking him in.

Ridge told Brooke he would be there for her if she needed him. She said she made a mistake and was going to fix it. He said he would be there for her if she needed him to be there. She thanked him for being supportive of him. She said she loved him so much. He said this was her battle to fight, but he was going to be there by her side.

Ridge went to Forrester and met Grace. She apologized for what Reese did to Hope and Steffy. He accepted her apology. She said Zende help set up her coming to town. She said he was a good man. Ridge wanted to know where she was staying. Paris said she was staying with her. She wanted to spend more time with her daughter. Carter said he wanted to see them again soon. Grace looked concerned again.

Taylor told Steffy that Ridge knew his own mind. Steffy said she couldn’t accept it. She said he made his choice, but she couldn’t say he was happy. She said he was forced to accept Deacon in his home. She said he always made conceptions for Brooke and the Logans. She said it went against everything she was raised to think. Taylor said that wasn’t true. Steffy wanted to know why her father wasn’t with her. She said Taylor was a good person. She said she and Taylor were successful. She said her father should be proud of that, but he wasn’t. She said he was too busy worrying about the Logans. She wanted to know why.

Hope went to see Brooke. Hope wanted to know where Ridge was. Brooke said he was at the office. She told Hope not to worry about her. Hope said she would do the same for her. Brooke said she was grateful for her being there for her. Hope said she was going to continue to support her. She said she had one question for her and she needed her to be honest. Brooke wanted to know what it was. Hope said it was about her father.

Hope said she didn’t understand the 180. She said she hadn’t heard from her father since New Year’s Eve and she wanted to know what was going on with that. Brooke said she wanted to move on with her life. She said she didn’t want to move back. Hope asked if she told him to stay away from her. She asked if she blamed her father for drinking that night. She said she didn’t have to be alone that night. She said she would have been there. Brooke said what happened that night had nothing to do with her. Hope said she felt like it did. She said she didn’t know why she hadn’t heard from her father. She said she needed to know if something happened.

Taylor told Steffy that Ridge loved Brooke, but it didn’t mean he didn’t love her or the family. Steffy said he wanted to be with the Logans. She said she didn’t want Brooke to be hurt, but she wanted him to think of their family. Taylor said Hope made it seem as if Brooke was in trouble. Steffy said Ridge didn’t get a say with the Logans. She said she understood that Hope needed her father, but she needed hers too. Taylor said Ridge loved them. Steffy asked if Taylor was staying in town for good. She said she and Thomas needed her. She said she knew she didn’t stay away because of her job. She thought Taylor wanted to be with Ridge. She said her father needed to be with his family. She said he didn’t need to be with the Logans. 



Bold and the Beautiful 01-12-22 Recap 12th January 2022.


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