Bold and the Beautiful 01-13-22 Recap 13th January 2022

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 01-13-22 Recap 13th January 2022

Steffy told Taylor that she loved her father. Steffy said he loved her too. She said he couldn’t be happy with what is going on with Brooke. She said they had to help her father. She said they needed to get him out of there. Taylor said she hated to see her so upset. She said Ridge’s life was with Brooke and the Logans.

Steffy told Taylor this could be a new chapter if they put it out there and manifested it. She said something was going on with Brooke. She said it must be big or Hope wouldn’t be worried. She said it will come out soon and that’s what would bring her and her father back together. Taylor said she was glad she and Ridge have remained friends.

Steffy told Taylor it would mean a lot to her children if their grandparents were back together. They talked about Brooke and Taylor’s differences throughout the years. Steffy said Hope took Liam from her the way Brooke took Ridge from her. Taylor said she couldn’t blame Brooke.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-13-22 Recap x871v8x 2022

Taylor makes a truthful admission to Steffy about Ridge. Brooke struggles when Hope questions why Deacon disappeared after New Year’s Eve.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-13-22 Recap 13th January 2022

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Steffy told Taylor that the Logans keot infiltrating their lives. They talked about Hope’s good points, but she was still like Brooke. Steffy said Brooke has molded Hope over the years. Steffy said whatever happened was huge and was going to blow up in their faces. She said her father needed them.

Hope asked Brooke why she didn’t want her father around. She asked if something happened with her father. Brooke thought about kissing Deacon. Hope asked if Ridge had the issue with her father. Brooke said Ridge didn’t do anything wrong. Hope said she didn’t answer her question. She asked why her father disappeared.

Hope asked Brooke what was bothering her about New Year’s Eve. Brooke said everything. Hope asked if it was because Taylor was back in town or was it her pressuring her about Deacon. Ridge came in while they were talking. Brooke said he didn’t have to come home from work. He said they were going to find out what caused her to drink and they were going to handle it.

Ridge and Hope told Brooke that she didn’t have to feel guilty about drinking. Brooke said the desire to drink hit her when she didn’t expect it. Hope mentioned her father’s drinking problem. Ridge wanted to know why she brought him up.

Hope told Ridge her father hasn’t been around. She said she was asking her mother if she knew why. Ridge said Deacon always disappeared. Brooke said she didn’t want to lose him or what they had. Hope hugged her.

Taylor told Steffy that Ridge was committed to Brooke. Steffy said the Deacon situation was messed up and was taking its toll. She said Hope and Brooke were making her father feel lije a guest in his house. Taylor said she felt caught in the middle of her and Ridge.

Steffy said she has had enough. She asked Taylor if she wanted to get back at Brooke. She said it was a war between the Logans and Forresters. She said the Forrester family was going to win. 



Bold and the Beautiful 01-13-22 Recap 13th January 2022.


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