Bold and the Beautiful 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

Ridge asked if Brooke was okay. She said she was. He said she was quiet on the way home. He asked if something happened during the meeting. She said it didn’t. She was thinking about the people there and what they were going through. Deacon told someone that he had to see someone. Sheila showed up and asked if he needed to see Hope or Brooke.

Steffy and Thomas talked about the way Brooke has been acting. Thomas said she has been upset since New Year’s Eve. Steffy asked if she was so upset that she couldn’t come to work. He wanted to know what she thought was going on. Sheila noticed that Deacon was wearing a new watch. She wondered where he got it. He told her it was none of her business. She wanted to know what he did because he was miles ahead of her when it concerned Brooke and Hope. He said he didn’t know about that because he hasn’t seen them since New Year’s Eve.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

Ridge is torn when Steffy and Thomas reveal their theory about why Brooke relapsed. Sheila again vows to destroy Brooke’s life as she is trying to destroy hers.

Bold and the Beautiful 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022

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Brooke asked Ridge why she had an urge to drink. He said he wished he had the answer for her. He said people slipped up. She said she found comfort in that because people had regrets. He said his regret was not being there for her. He said he promised that she would never feel that kind of loneliness again.

Sheila told Deacon that he was excited about spending time with Hope and Brooke and now he was staying away. He said he wasn’t staying away. He said he just hasn’t been there. She wanted to know what happened. He thought about Brooke telling him to stay away from her. He told Sheila that life got in the way. She asked him if mopping got in the way. He said he wanted to do his job. She thought him staying away from Brooke’s house was her idea and not his.

Steffy told Thomas that she needed to be told about what was going on with Brooke if it affected work. He said their father would have told them. She said if he knew. Ridge wanted to know what they were talking about. Thomas told him they were taking pictures for a show, but Brooke was a no show. Steffy wanted to know what was going on with his wife. Sheila wondered if she succeeded with getting Brooke to drink again.

Deacon went to see Brooke. She said he wasn’t supposed to be there. She said he could see Hope, but he wasn’t welcomed in her home. He said Ridge was at the office. She said he wasn’t supposed to be there. He said he had to come because he couldn’t stop thinking about what happened between them. She said he couldn’t be there. He said he couldn’t help it. He asked if she was still thinking about what they did.

Steffy told Ridge that they were getting concerned with Brooke. Thomas said it wasn’t like Brooke to miss appointments. Steffy said Hope came to see her and Taylor and made it seem as if something was wrong. Ridge said nothing was going on. Steffy said Hope opened her home to Deacon as well as his bad decisions. She said Deacon had all access. She said they didn’t know what Deacon would do next.

Brooke told Deacon not to be at her house. He said pushing him away wasn’t going to change what happened. He said he was thinking about kissing her. She said it happened because she was drunk. He said he tried to stop her. She said she wasn’t blaming him. She said she didn’t know what made her drink. He told her to go to a meeting. She said she went to a meeting. She said Ridge and Hope have been supportive. He asked if she told Ridge. She said she told him about the drinking. He said pushing him away was going to raise red flags. He said Hope was already texting him about why he hasn’t been around. He said Ridge and Hope were going to put two and two together and think something was going on. She told him she couldn’t see him anymore.

Thomas asked if it was best to be at Brooke’s with Deacon over there. He said Ridge shouldn’t be there. Thomas told him he missed him. Steffy said she did too. Thomas said he was there for the grandkids and they saw him at work, but they missed him. Steffy said Brooke has been acting strange ever since New Year’s Eve. She said they didn’t want him caught up with what was going on with Brooke and Deacon. Thomas mentioned Deacon coming to town for Brooke. He said someone else came back to town. He and Steffy told him he could be with Taylor.

Deacon told Brooke that they kissed. She said she was drunk. He said Taylor was in town. She told him not to bring up Taylor. She said she was waiting in the wings for her to mess up so she could be back with Ridge. He said they kissed each other. She said they always do something crazy. He said they made their daughter. She said she couldn’t do this with him anymore. She said she loved her husband and would lose him. He admitted to loving her. He said he always would. 



Bold and the Beautiful 01-14-22 Recap 14th January 2022.


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