Bold and the Beautiful 02-18-21 Recap 18th February 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 02-18-21 Recap 18th February 2021

Zoe apologized to Carter. She said she was feeling overwhelmed about the marriage. He said she should talk to him. He said she shouldn’t have to sneak around with Zende. Brooke told Donna that Hope couldn’t believe that Liam was having another child with Steffy. Donna told her that she was sorry. Brooke said Ridge has been a big help. She said Hope was devastated. Bill told Wyatt and Flo that Liam’s situation made him think of his situation with Katie. Bill said he had to see someone who was just as invested in him reuniting with Katie.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-18-21 Recap 18th February 2021

Finn lays down the law to Liam with a new set of boundaries for Steffy. Thomas becomes concerned for Steffy and her current situation.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-18-21 Recap 18th February 2021

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Paris told Katie that Zoe wanted her to quit working at Forrester. Katie told her not to let Zoe boss her around. Zoe told Carter that Zende sent her a text telling her to wait and give him a chance. She said she didn’t get the text until recently. Zende walked in while Zoe was talking. Carter told Zende about being his friend and going after his fiancée.

Zende told Carter that he owed him an apology. Carter said he trusted him. He said they were friends and this was what he did behind his back. Zoe told him not to blame Zende. Carter said he had Nicole and dumped her. Zende said it wasn’t like that. Carter said he texted Zoe telling her not to be with him. He said he invited him in his home. He said he could be with Zoe.

Brooke told Donna that Bill adored Katie. Donna didn’t want to see Katie get hurt again. She said Katie deserved to be treated like a princess. Bill showed up while they were talking. They talked about Steffy being pregnant. Bill said Brooke has been his and Katie’s advocate on getting back together. Brooke said she was only willing if he was ready to be committed to Katie. He said he was ready.

Zoe told Carter that she was sorry for betraying his trust. She said he had to believe that she wanted to be with him. She said she was sorry for going behind his back. Carter wanted to know what Zende had to say. Zende said they were friends, but they weren’t that close. He said he didn’t want to cause problems. He said his relationship was his business. Carter told him he could have shut it down. He wanted to know why Zende made her believe there could be a relationship between him and Zoe. She told Carter she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship before, but she was ready now.

Bill told Brooke and Donna that he was ready to be devoted to Katie. Brooke and Donna said he said it before. He said he did say it before, but this situation has humbled him. He said he didn’t like his life without Katie. He said he wanted to put his family back together. He wanted to know if he could count on them.

Zoe told Carter that she was asking him for his forgiveness. She said she would restore his faith in them. She said she was fully committed. She said she was ready to share her life with him. Paris came in while Zoe was pleading with Carter. He said she was the only person he believed. He asked if she believed Zoe was ready to be committed to him.

Katie thought about her life with Bill. Bill told Brooke and Donna that Katie was her world. He said he needed her back. Donna told him they have been trying to talk to Katie. She said he has said he changed. Brooke said it was part of her fault that they weren’t together. Bill said he wanted to do this for Will. He said he had everything. He said it meant nothing without Katie. He said if they trusted him, Katie might start trusting him. Donna was willing to do it. He asked if he could count on Brooke. Brooke said she thought he was sincere and that he loved Katie. She said she thought he could be the man Katie needed. He thanked Brooke for her help. Donna said they would do whatever they could to help.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-18-21 Recap 18th February 2021.


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