Bold and the Beautiful 02-24-21 Recap 24th February 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 02-24-21 Recap 24th February 2021

Finn told Liam that he wanted him to stay away from Steffy. Liam understood that he loved Steffy, but he wanted him to back off. Finn said Steffy and Hope deserved better than him. Thomas thought back to when Vinny told him that he would thank him. Thomas wanted to know why he needed to thank Vinny.

Liam told Finn that there was nothing he could say that he hasn’t told himself. Finn asked if he was ever sorry about what he did. Liam said he was too new to tell him something he already knew. Liam said Steffy and Hope knew that he was sorry for what he did. Finn wanted him to tell him to his face that what he did was wrong.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-24-21 Recap 24th February 2021

Finn lays down the law to Liam with a new set of boundaries for Steffy. Thomas becomes concerned for Steffy and Hope over their current situation.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-24-21 Recap 24th February 2021

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Steffy told Hope that Finn knew how awful she felt. She said despite the betrayal, Finn was going to stand by her. Hope thought it was remarkable of him to stand by her even though she was carrying her husband’s baby. Hope was happy that Finn was being understanding. She said it wasn’t easy because it was a lot to process. Steffy said she and Liam would recover. She told Hope to fight to stay together. She asked her not to resent the baby. Hope said she couldn’t do it. She said the baby was innocent so she wouldn’t resent it. Steffy thanked her. Hope said she knew she wanted the baby to be Finn’s. She said she was trying to be strong for her family. She said she didn’t know if she and Liam could get through it.

Liam told Finn that he wanted them to get along. He said he and Steffy were together. He said Finn was going to be a part of his life and his children’s lives. He said he was sorry. Finn said he hoped he was. He said Steffy’s child should have been his. Liam said he did him and everyone wrong. He said all he could do was be better. He said he could pray that things would get better. Finn said it was easy to feel that way when he was the father. He said he thought about how he wasn’t the father of the baby.

Thomas was researching Vinny switching the paternity tests. While he was looking and talking about what Vinny could have done, Hope walked in on him. She wanted to know what he thought Vinny did. Finn went to see Steffy. She told him that she didn’t blame Hope for hating her. Finn said she didn’t hate her. He said she hated the situation. Steffy said she wished there was more that she could do for putting him through that. He said she didn’t have to do anything. He said the pain she was putting her through wasn’t good for the baby. He told her he would care even though the baby wasn’t his.

Hope asked Thomas if Vinny did something. Thomas said he didn’t. He said Vinny did things without thinking. He said he would get to the bottom of it. He asked how she was doing. She said she was doing the best she could. She told him that she had a run in with Steffy. She said they tried to keep it cordial. She wanted to know what she should do since she was having her husband’s baby. She said Liam didn’t understand how difficult all of this was. Liam came in and understood what she was saying. She said she was gutted at the idea of Steffy having his child.

Liam told Hope that he hated putting her through this. She said she hated being in it but it was their reality now. He said it was a reality they could accept if they did it together. He wanted her to tell him they could deal with it. Thomas told Hope to answer him when he wasn’t there. He said things would have turned out differently if the results were different.

Thomas called Vinny to find out what he was trying to tell him. Vinny said he was supporting him. Thomas wanted to know what he was trying to tell him. He said Vinny told him that he would thank him. Vinny asked if he was accusing him of something. Thomas said he worked at a lab so it would be easy for him to do it. Thomas asked if he changed the results to make it look as if Liam was the father of Steffy’s baby.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-24-21 Recap 24th February 2021.


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