Bold and the Beautiful 02-25-21 Recap 25th February 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 02-25-21 Recap 25th February 2021

Thomas told Vinny to call him back and let him know if he switched the paternity test. Steffy walked in when he got off the phone. Flo told Wyatt that she felt bad about what she did to Hope’s baby. Wyatt told her the Logans are very forgiving. He said Hope was working with Zoe so she would forgive her. Flo wanted her family to forgive her. Hope talked to Katie and Paris about Steffy being pregnant with Liam’s baby. Steffy wondered what was going between Thomas and Vinny.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-25-21 Recap 25th February 2021

Knowing that Hope has borne the brunt of the heartache, Steffy offers an apology. Thomas decides to help Hope and Steffy in an unusual way.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-25-21 Recap 25th February 2021

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Wyatt told Flo that she was caught up with what was going on. Flo said she was concerned about the consequences she was suffering instead of how Liam and Hope felt. He said she was dealing with pressure from Thomas and Zoe’s father. She said she was going to carry around the guilt with her for a long time. He said she did good things too. He said she gave Katie her kidney. She said she found out that Storm was her father. She said she had three wonderful aunts and Hope was her cousin. She said she thought they would be closer by now.

Katie told Hope that Liam shouldn’t have put her in the position. Hope said he was willing to work through this. Katie said they would be able to work through this tough time. Hope said she loved him, but it felt like one betrayal too many. She said she didn’t know how she was going to feel when Steffy gave birth to her child. Steffy asked Thomas if Vinny was in trouble. He said you never know with Vinny. She asked if she should be worried. He said he was being overprotective. He said if something was going on, he would find out what it was.

Flo said she understood why her family put up walls to her. She said she was glad she had him and her mother. He said she had more than that. He said her family would warm up to them. She said she reminded them of the brother they lost. She said if she didn’t screw things up, the family would have welcomed her with open arms.

Hope told Katie and Paris that she wanted Steffy’s child to have a life. She said she wished Finn were the father. She didn’t want the father to be Liam. Steffy wanted to know what was going on with Thomas and Vinny. She said they were best friends since they were kids. Vinny listened to the message Thomas left him about switching the paternity test.

Wyatt went to see Katie. She thought Bill sent him to say good things about her. He said Bill was evil without her, but he was there to see her about another relative. She thought it was Hope, but he said it wasn’t. He said it was about someone who loved her. Hope told Steffy that she wanted the best for her child. She said the kids were going to be connected. Steffy said she was great with Kelly. Hope said she would be there for the new baby. Steffy apologized for turning her world upside down.

Thomas called Vinny. Vinny said he was at work. Thomas said he needed to know the truth. He wanted to know if Vinny messed with Steffy’s paternity tests. Paris showed up before Vinny could answer. When Thomas was back on the phone, he told Vinny that he wanted to meet him after work. Vinny ended up hanging up on him. 

Bold and the Beautiful 02-25-21 Recap 25th February 2021.


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