Bold and the Beautiful 02-26-21 Recap 26th February 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 02-26-21 Recap 26th February 2021

Thomas called Vinny and ordered him to come to meet him. Vinny told him to accept that Liam was having a baby with Steffy. Thomas wanted to know if Vinny messed with the paternity test. When Hope showed up, Thomas got off the phone. She noticed that something was wrong with him. He got her to talk about her problems. He said one test managed to ruin everything. She said she and Liam had problems anyway. Thomas said he had to take care of something. He said he would be there for her.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-26-21 Recap 26th February 2021

Wyatt asks Katie for a favor on behalf of an unknowing Flo. Steffy intervenes when Finn and Liam compete for her favor.

Bold and the Beautiful 02-26-21 Recap 26th February 2021

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Liam interrupted Steffy and Finn’s conversation to tell her that he knew she had an appointment and wanted to be there. Steffy told him he didn’t need to be there. She told him to be with Hope. She told him to take care of his marriage. Finn agreed with her. When Liam left, Steffy said she would go to her appointments alone. Finn said the situation hurt, but he still wanted to be with her. He said he wished he were the father. She said she thought he was. She said she didn’t feel as if the baby was Liam’s.

Wyatt talked to Katie about Flo and how she wanted to be accepted in the family. Katie said the Logans weren’t punishing Flo. He said they haven’t forgiven her the way Hope forgave Zoe. He asked Katie if she forgave her at all. He reminded her that Flo was family. He said he wondered how Storm would feel if he knew they were shutting her out. He asked her to talk to Flo and wanted her to get Brooke, Donna and Hope to forgive her. He said he knew it was a lot to ask, but Flo has had a tough life and needed her family.

Liam went home and told Hope that Steffy was going to her appointment without him. He said there were going to be times when he would have to be there for Steffy and the baby. He said Hope would always be first. She said she was sick of having the same conversation. She wanted to know how many tests they have to take to get it right.

Thomas told Vinny that he believed that he messed with the paternity test. Thomas said he knew how shady Vinny could be. He picked up a drug vial. Vinny said he never kept his side hustle a secret. Thomas asked him again about the test results. Vinny said he may have had something to do with the results, but they were accurate. Vinny wanted to know what Thomas would do if he said Liam wasn’t the father. Thomas said he would tell everyone the truth. He asked if Vinny look as if Liam were the father of Steffy’s baby. 

Bold and the Beautiful 02-26-21 Recap 26th February 2021.


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