Bold and the Beautiful 03-09-21 Recap 9th March 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 03-09-21 Recap 9th March 2021

Thomas told Vinny to show him proof that he didn’t change the test results. Vinny said he would be in trouble. Thomas said he wasn’t leaving until he showed him that he didn’t change the results. Zoe told Paris that she wanted her to leave town because of what she did. Paris told Zoe that she loved her. She offered to talk to Carter. Zoe said he wasn’t changing his mind. Paris said he took the ring back. Zoe said he told her to keep it, but she didn’t see a point. She said it was Paris’ fault because she couldn’t stay away from her. She asked her why she couldn’t let her be happy.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-09-21 Recap 9th March 2021

Zende and Paris exchange gifts; and a relationship once-promising comes to an end.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-09-21 Recap 9th March 2021

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Thomas told Vinny to let him see the results. Vinny said it was confidential. He said the doctor already saw them. He said Thomas wouldn’t know what he was looking at. Thomas asked if he would know. Vinny said he worked at the hospital so he would know. Thomas said he could have changed the results. Thomas wanted him to show him the results.

Zoe told Paris that Carter loved her. She knew he loved her, but he didn’t want to see it. She said he couldn’t stop thinking of Zende and her. Paris asked her what she wanted her to do to help. Zoe said she did enough. She told her she wanted her to leave. She told her to leave town today.

Vinny told Thomas that paternity tests didn’t lie. Thomas said Steffy felt like her baby was Finn’s. Vinny said it didn’t turn out that way. Thomas said he wanted to believe him. He couldn’t think of him doing something so horrible. He said so many lives were at stake if he did it. Vinny told him Liam was the father. He said everything was cool.

Thomas told Vinny that he could be convincing if he wanted to be. He said he was doing it since they were kids. Vinny said he was good at it too. He asked if Thomas was going to drop it. He said are they going to act as if it never happened. He wanted to go out after work. He advised Thomas not to feel guilty if Hope left Liam because of this. He said Thomas waited a long time.

Zoe told Paris that she was always in her business. Paris said she didn’t do anything. Zoe said that was the reason why she left home. She said things were working out for her. She said she started dating Carter. She said she was interested in seeing where things went with Zende, but she loved Carter. She said Paris didn’t do anything to stop it. Paris said it wasn’t true. Zoe said she didn’t try to stop Ridge from catching her with Zende. She said she lost a man who was ready to have a life with her. She said she didn’t want to wait around to see what else Paris would do to her. Zoe told her to pack her bags and go.

Zoe told Paris to leave. Paris said she wasn’t leaving. Paris said she wasn’t going anywhere. She said she was tired of being pushed around because she was doing it her whole life. Zoe asked if she was being serious. Paris said she was going to tell her things she didn’t like. Paris said she lost Carter because of the way she treated him. She said to stop blaming her and take responsibility. She said it might teach her how to treat people. She said she wasn’t throwing away her life because she was upset with her. She said she loved her job and wasn’t giving up Zende when she had a chance to have a meaningful relationship with a great guy. She said she was a grown woman and would make decisions for her life. She said she wasn’t doing it.

Thomas told Vinny that he wanted to believe him but when he brought up Hope, he thought he wasn’t being straight with him. Vinny asked him if he was trying to say he and Douglas didn’t want Hope in their lives. Thomas said Hope was with Liam. Vinny said Hope wouldn’t be with Liam for long after this. Thomas reminded him of the things he did in the past. He asked Vinny if he changed the results. Finn was outside of the door listening. Vinny asked what would happen if he did change the results. He said he would be able to get Hope. Thomas said he didn’t want Hope that way. Thomas asked him again if he changed the results. Before Vinny could answer, Finn came in and asked if he changed the results. 

Bold and the Beautiful 03-09-21 Recap 9th March 2021.


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