Bold and the Beautiful 03-10-21 Recap 10th March 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 03-10-21 Recap 10th March 2021

Finn and Thomas demanded to know if Vinny changed the paternity test. Hope talked to Brooke about Steffy’s pregnancy. Hope said it was going to hit her once the baby was here. Brooke said it was a lot to deal with. Brooke asked how she was coping. Brooke said Hope was trying to stay strong to everyone. Hope said she was staying in survival mode. Brooke said it would help to open up. Hope said she thought her life looked a certain way. She said she was secure and happy and all of that changed. Brooke said it was a shock especially since it was Steffy.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-10-21 Recap 10th March 2021

Hope leans on Brooke after Liam’s betrayal; Steffy announces a life-changing decision; and Finn finds himself in the fray between Vinny and Thomas.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-10-21 Recap 10th March 2021

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Hope said she tried to make sense of it all. Brooke said there was no playbook on how to deal with a husband who was having a child with another woman. Hope wanted to know how to deal with it. Steffy and Ridge talked about Finn being the father. She said things could have been so different if Finn were the father. Finn told Vinny that he wanted to be the father of Steffy’s baby. Finn said the test said the results were conclusive. He wanted to know if Vinny fixed the results. Thomas asked Vinny if he changed the paternity test.

Brooke told Hope that she needed to talk in order to heal. Hope said she felt sick inside. Brooke asked if she talked to Liam. Hope said she talked to him all of the time, but he doesn’t know how she felt. She said she didn’t want to hold on to anger. Brooke asked if things were over between them. Hope said they haven’t talked about divorce or anything. She said they couldn’t go back to the way their life used to be before. Brooke said it would be hard, but they could make their relationship stronger. Hope said Liam was determined to work through it. She said he wanted to earn her forgiveness. Brooke asked if she found forgiveness.

Steffy told Ridge that Finn has been supportive. Ridge said he was a good man. She said Finn got her through the worse time of her life. Ridge said they were lucky to find each other. She said she got addicted to pills and he got her through that. She said things were perfect. Ridge asked why she was with Liam if things were perfect. She said she didn’t know why she was with him. She said Finn was understanding about it. She said he thought the baby was his. She said she knew Finn was upset about it. She said she made a decision and hoped he would support her.

Thomas and Finn asked if Vinny changed the results. Vinny said it was crazy. Thomas said he was saying strange things for weeks. Vinny said he wouldn’t put his job on the line. Finn asked if Thomas was right. Finn asked if he would have done it so Thomas could be with Hope. Thomas demanded that Vinny admit to changing the test results. Vinny was shocked at the accusation.

Brooke asked Hope if she forgave Liam. Hope said she was trying. Brooke said she was in a tough position. Hope said she had a lot to be grateful for. She said they had two healthy children and a successful career. She said she had a husband who loved her deep down. Brooke said she valued her marriage. Hope said Liam was the only man she ever wanted to be with. She said he was a good man when he didn’t get in his own way.  She said he apologized, but it wasn’t enough. Brooke said not to be hard on herself. She said he did it. Hope kept asking herself why he did it. She asked if there were cracks in their marriage that she didn’t see. Brooke said he made a mistake. Hope said the baby made it hard. She said even if he weren’t the father, he turned to Steffy that night.

Ridge wanted to know what Steffy was planning on doing. She said she had to put the baby first. She said she couldn’t keep stressing herself out. Ridge wanted to know what she was saying. She said she couldn’t keep stressing out. He told her to take some time out. She said she didn’t want the baby to stress everyone out. She said she could tell Finn was hurting. Ridge said Finn told her he was going to be there for her and the baby. She said it wasn’t fair to him. She said she was pregnant with another man’s child. She said she needed to set him free.

Finn told Vinny that he and Thomas weren’t leaving until he told the truth. Thomas wanted to know how Vinny knew so much about fetal DNA. Vinny said he worked in a lab. Thomas said he kept going on about him being able to have Hope. Thomas said him changing the test wouldn’t help him. He said Steffy wanted Finn to be the father. He asked if Finn was the father of the baby.

Brooke told Hope she would figure out what to do about her family. Brooke said she wanted her to forgive Liam. She said Hope would have her support. Hope said she wished she had the answers. She said she didn’t know what the future had in store for her and Liam. Steffy told Ridge that Finn was an incredible guy. Ridge said he was a good guy who saved her life and Thomas’. Steffy said they would have had a wonderful life if things turned out differently. Ridge said Finn told her he would be there for her. She said Finn deserved better than her baggage. She said he was always going to think about the child not being his. Ridge said Finn didn’t care about the baby not being his. She said she wasn’t putting him through it. She said she was taking Kelly and going to Paris.

Finn asked Vinny if he altered the report. Finn said he would take another test. Thomas told him to be honest. Vinny said he looked up to him all of his life. He wanted to know why Thomas attacked him like that. Vinny punched Thomas. Finn punched Vinny. Finn demanded that Vinny tell the truth. Vinny said he switched the results. Thomas wanted to hear him say it. Thomas wanted to know if Finn was the father. Finn asked if he was the father. 

Bold and the Beautiful 03-10-21 Recap 10th March 2021.


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