Bold and the Beautiful 03-11-21 Recap 11th March 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 03-11-21 Recap 11

th March 2021

Thomas and Finn demanded that Vinny tell the truth about switching the paternity results. Vinny said the baby was Finn’s. Vinny said he didn’t think Finn would ever know so it didn’t matter. Finn was shocked. Thomas wanted to know what Vinny meant by it wouldn’t matter.

Vinny wanted Thomas to help him because Finn was going to get him fired. Vinny said he wouldn’t go down for it and left. Finn said it was fine that Vinny left. Finn said he had to find Steffy and tell her they were having a baby. Thomas said Steffy knew she was having his baby. Finn said he knew too. He said he didn’t question it when the test came back. Finn told Thomas that he was reason the truth was out. Finn thanked him.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-11-21 Recap 11th March 2021

Hope leans on Brooke after Liam’s betrayal; Steffy announces a life-changing decision; and Finn finds himself in the fray between Vinny and Thomas.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-11-21 Recap 11th March 2021

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Steffy told Ridge that she loved Finn too much to put him through her having another man’s child. She told him it was final. She was leaving town. She said she had to get Kelly’s passport. He told her she couldn’t leave without talking about it. She asked him not to say anything. She said Finn might be relieved that she was leaving.

Steffy said her pregnancy was messing things up. Ridge asked her about running away. She said it wasn’t about her. She said it was about Finn. She said if things were different she would want to be with Finn. She said she didn’t know how long she would be gone. Ridge said he didn’t like it, but he supported her.

Hope told Brooke that things that happened were unfair. Liam came in while they were talking. He told Hope if she stayed with him, he promised they could get through it together. He said he knew he was interrupting them and offered to leave. Hope thought he should stay and hear what she had to say.

Liam asked Hope what he could do to make things easier. Brooke said they should listen to each other. When she was about to leave, she told them they had a beautiful family.

Hope told Liam that she knew he felt terrible and he loved her, but she didn’t know about their future together. She said he was having a child with Steffy. She said she knew he would be there for the baby. She said she loved him for it. She said it hurt because they weren’t doing it together.

Liam told Hope she is a great stepmother to Kelly. She said the situation was different. She said she had conflicting emotions. She said she wanted to keep the family together. He said he would take that for now.

Liam said he loved him. He said he would never give up on her again.  When Liam left, Thomas came in the cabin. He told Hope that he had great news. He said she wasn’t going to believe it. 

Bold and the Beautiful 03-11-21 Recap 11th March 2021.


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