Bold and the Beautiful 03-16-21 Recap 16th March 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 03-16-21 Recap 16th March 2021

Hope and Thomas told Liam that they had something to tell him that would change his life. Brooke asked if Ridge heard from Finn. She said Finn wouldn’t been able to stop Steffy from leaving. Ridge said he hoped Finn would be able to stop Steffy. Brooke said it would be hard for him because she was carrying another man’s child. Thomas left so Hope and Liam could talk. Steffy was excited that she was carrying Finn’s child. She wanted him to give her the details.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-16-21 Recap 16th March 2021

Steffy is swept up in how her life instantly changed for the better; and Hope shares life-changing news with Liam.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-16-21 Recap 16th March 2021

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Brooke told Ridge that Steffy moving to Paris was difficult for him since she was taking his granddaughter. Ridge said he tried to talk Steffy out of it. Brooke said it was difficult for everyone especially her daughter. He thought Finn would be able to convince Steffy to stay in town. He thought Finn would be able to keep her from leaving. Brooke asked what Finn could say that would change her mind. Thomas came in and said he had to talk to Ridge. Ridge said Steffy was leaving town.

Steffy asked Finn why Vinny would change the paternity results. Finn said Vinny hated Liam because Thomas hated Liam. She wanted to know what it would have to do with them. Finn said he wanted to cause a rift between Liam and Hope. Finn said Vinny thought he was doing Thomas a favor. He said Vinny wanted Thomas to be with Hope.

Hope didn’t know how she would be able to tell Liam what was going on. She didn’t want to say it because it didn’t change everything. He wanted to know what she wanted to say. She said that it was difficult because she didn’t know how he would take it. He really wanted to know what was going on. She said she wanted to be sensitive to his feelings. He told her to tell him already. She said it had to do with Steffy’s pregnancy.

Steffy asked if Vinny faked the test results so Thomas could be with Hope. Finn said that was Vinny’s reasoning. She told him he was going to be the greatest father. She said he had no idea how happy he was. He said he was waiting for it. He told her Thomas wasn’t aware of what happened. He said they had to thank Thomas because he was the one who discovered it.

Ridge told Thomas that Steffy was letting Finn off the hook. Thomas said Finn wasn’t on the hook. Ridge and Brooke told him that she was doing what was right for her. Thomas said they had to stop her. He said Steffy didn’t know the truth. He said Liam wasn’t the father of the baby. He said Finn was the father.

Liam wanted to know what Hope was talking about. Hope said the baby was fine. She said she didn’t know how to say it. He asked if everyone was okay. She said everyone was okay. She said it wasn’t going to change everything. She said his life was going to change. She said she knew everyone was thrilled about it. She said they were lied to. She said he might feel a sense of loss. She said he wasn’t the father of Steffy’s baby.

Hope told Liam that she knew it would be a shock. He asked if he wasn’t the father of the baby Steffy was currently pregnant with. He said they did a paternity test. Hope said they didn’t get the right results. He said it was impossible for it to be wrong. She said she knew it was hard to believe. He said he didn’t know where it was coming from. She said Thomas explained it. He wanted to know how Thomas would know that. She said Vinny altered the results. Liam didn’t believe it. She said he made it so he would look like the father. He wanted to know why Vinny would do it. She said he did it so she could be with Thomas. Liam was ready to get Thomas. She said Thomas had nothing to do with it. She said when he found out the truth he came to tell her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 03-16-21 Recap 16th March 2021.


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