Bold and the Beautiful 03-24-21 Recap 24th March 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 03-24-21 Recap 24th March 2021

Thomas told Ridge that he knew he wasn’t going to be with Hope. He said he made his peace with it. Brooke came in and said she was glad to hear it. She said Brooke called Liam to the cabin. She said Hope made a decision about her marriage. She said she convinced Hope to give Liam another chance. Thomas said it was gong to be hard for Hope. Brooke was surprised to see how Thomas changed. He said he only wanted to see Hope happy.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-24-21 Recap 24th March 2021

Hope decides about the future of her marriage; and Thomas proves himself trustworthy to Ridge.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-24-21 Recap 24th March 2021

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When Thomas left, Brooke told Ridge that Hope would give up because of that terrible night. She said Hope had to forgive Liam. Ridge said she had to believe that Hope would make the right choice. Brooke said that Hope’s pain may cloud her judgment. She said she didn’t want her to forget what she had. She said Hope had a wonderful marriage and kids.

Liam thought that Hope made a decision. He tried to convince her to give him another chance. She said it was time for them to find stability and move on. He asked if she was talking about them moving forward together. She said they would always move forward because of Beth. He said their relationship was deeper than that. He said they were going to grow old together. She said what they were building together had cracks in it. She said she couldn’t do this anymore. He said he needed help so he wouldn’t run away again. He said it wasn’t right for her to run away either. She said she wanted to forgive him and not think about the betrayal. He said they should move forward together or they would be going backwards.

Liam asked Hope to give him a chance to prove himself. She said she was grateful that he was trying so hard, but she couldn’t do it anymore. She said she was tired and needed space. She said she wanted a separation. He couldn’t believe she would give up after all they have been through. He said they lost Beth. He said every obstacle made them stronger and this wouldn’t be any different. She said she hoped he was right. He wondered if that meant she wasn’t ready to end things. She said she didn’t know.

Liam said the good outweighed the bad. She said some of the best moments of her life were with him. They flashed back to the good times they had together. She said she would always love him. She told him goodbye. He asked if it was goodbye for now. She didn’t answer him. 

Bold and the Beautiful 03-24-21 Recap 24th March 2021.


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