Bold and the Beautiful 03-25-21 Recap 25th March 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 03-25-21 Recap 25th March 2021

Liam told Wyatt about what was going on with Hope. Wyatt wished he could help him out. Liam told him how he was the one to blame for what happened. Wyatt hoped they could work things out since they’ve been through so much. He tried to tell Hope the same thing. He told Liam that one night shouldn’t affect their entire marriage. He assured Wyatt that he planned on fighting to keep Hope. They changed the subject to talk about his relationship with Flo. Wyatt informed him that he and Flo were doing great. He thought things were better now that her family the Logans have accepted her. Wyatt wondered if he had any ill feelings towards her because of what she did to him. Liam said what happened was a long time ago. Liam understood because she didn’t know what she was doing and she tried to be honest about it. Wyatt agreed with him and was thankful to have his and Bill’s support. Wyat admitted he wanted to propose to Flo.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-25-21 Recap 25th March 2021

Liam turns to Wyatt for advice; and Flo receives a special gift.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-25-21 Recap 25th March 2021

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The Logans talked about Hope’s separation from Liam. Brooke wanted Hope to forgive Liam, but she wasn’t ready to do that yet. Katie thought it was a lot to forgive right now. Brooke couldn’t believe Liam slept with Steffy. She said he regretted what he did and loved Hope. Donna felt Hope needed some time to deal with what happened. Brooke let them know that Hope wasn’t giving up yet. She believed time would heal their wounds and they would get back together.  Katie talked about how their family sticks together. She was glad Brooke changed her mind about welcoming Flo into the family. She knew what it would mean to Storm for them to accept his daughter. Brooke wanted them to reach out to Flo. 

Shauna went to visit Flo at the office. She let her mother know that she might be working with Hope For The Future. She was excited for the opportunity. Shauna wanted her to remember the company was lucky to have her. Flo believed she would be able to move forward with Hope since she was able to do it with her aunts. They talked about Katie changing her life. Flo was grateful for her family. Flo changed the subject and told her mother that Hope and Liam got separated. Shauna believed it was hard to get over infidelity. Flo hoped that she could fix things with her cousin, but she knew she had to focus on her marriage. Katie called Flo because she wanted to meet with her and Shauna. 

Flo and Shauna arrived at the office. Brooke talked about it being a big day for the family. Shauna was grateful to the Logans for accepting her daughter. Flo talked about feeling a connection with her father. Katie and Brooke told Flo they want to make things official. They want her to have her father’s last name. They offered her legal paperwork to sign. They wanted her to become Flo Logan.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-25-21 Recap 25th March 2021.


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