Bold and the Beautiful 03-31-21 Recap 31st March 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 03-31-21 Recap 31st March 2021

Brooke told Ridge that she didn’t want Thomas to be with Hope. Ridge said she was going to give him a chance. She said she was willing to give him a chance. She was okay with him working at Forrester and being a father to Douglas, but she didn’t want him to use this opportunity to go after Hope. Thomas was listening to their conversation at the door.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-31-21 Recap 31st March 2021

Brooke doubles down when Thomas pleads his case. Paris offers friendship, and great advice, to a heartbroken Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful 03-31-21 Recap 31st March 2021

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Wyatt told Bill and Liam that Flo accepted his proposal. Bill said it was hard on Liam. Liam didn’t want his problems to affect Wyatt’s good news. Liam thanked Bill for letting him stay with him. He was hoping that it was temporary. Paris offered to listen to Hope’s problems. Hope was glad that Paris wanted her to open up to her. Paris said she would make her heartache disappear.

Ridge asked Brooke to cut Thomas some slack. She said she has. She said she didn’t want to let her guard down when it came to Hope. Thomas told them that he heard their conversation. He said he understood that Brooke didn’t trust him. He said he knew that she was protective of Hope and weary of him.

Wyatt asked Liam how it’s been living with Bill. Liam said it wasn’t that bad. Liam said he would rather be with Hope. Bill said he didn’t complain about the things he does because he was happy that Liam was there. Liam said he sent Hope flowers. Bill suggested that Liam hire Hope’s favorite singer to serenade her. Liam thought it was a good idea, but he didn’t think it would get Hope to forgive that he slept with Steffy. Bill said Hope loved him. He told him not to give up.

Hope told Paris that it was tough with Liam gone especially with the kids. Hope said Douglas had an idea, but Beth was so young. Hope wanted them to feel safe no matter what. Paris said she and Liam were their parents so the kids should feel loved. Hope was glad to hear it. She said Liam was still involved with the kids. Paris said she was sure Thomas was there for her too.

Thomas told Brooke and Ridge that he would be there for Hope. Ridge said they weren’t doing that again. Thomas said he understood where Brooke was coming from. Ridge got a message about a shipment that was at the office, but he didn’t want to leave them alone. Thomas told him to go. When Ridge left, Brooke said Ridge didn’t understand where she was coming from. He said he understood. She said he was doing one thing after another. He said he changed after what happened to him. He said he wanted to repair their relationship. He said he hoped that he could regain her trust. He asked if they should try to do it for Ridge and Hope’s sake. He wanted to move forward as a family.

Liam said Hope had a right to be upset with her. Bill told him to move on and fight to get Hope back. He said to build trust with her. Liam said it was a lot to ask for her to forget what he did. He said he had to earn back the privilege of being her husband. Wyatt told him he didn’t know. Liam told him he should have known Hope would be loyal to him. Bill told him to write her a poem. Liam said he wanted to give her the space she needed to process what he did. He said he believed that they would be stronger than they were.

Paris apologized for bringing up Thomas. Hope said she and Thomas had a complicated past. She said she was committed to raising Douglas with Thomas. Ridge walked in while they were talking about Thomas. Ridge thanked Hope for giving Thomas another chance. He said Thomas was dedicated to helping her with her line. Thomas reminded Brooke that he and Hope raised Douglas. Brooke said she wanted him to realize that was all it was. She said Hope wasn’t an option for him.

Hope told Ridge that she and Liam were spending time apart. Ridge thought it was a good idea that Liam was out of the house because kids sensed those things. She said that was why Liam was gone. Ridge told her Thomas was better. He said Thomas wasn’t obsessed with her anymore. He said Thomas still loved her, but he wanted what was best for her.

Brooke told Thomas that she wasn’t trying to be difficult. She said she was impressed with the progress he made. Thomas said Hope was a good mother for Douglas. Brooke wanted to know why he kept bringing up Hope. He said Hope has been amazing to him and Douglas. She said when he talked like that it made her suspicious. He said he wasn’t saying it to make her upset. She said she didn’t want him to get caught up. She said Hope’s happiness was with Liam. She said Hope and Liam would find their way back to each other. He said it would be great. He said they differ in their opinions. He said Hope wouldn’t be fulfilled with Liam. He said Liam hurt Hope and his sister. He said once a womanizer always a womanizer. Brooke said he may have fooled Ridge and everyone else, but he didn’t fool her. She said he was still obsessed with her daughter. She told him he would never be with her daughter. 

Bold and the Beautiful 03-31-21 Recap 31st March 2021.


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