Bold and the Beautiful 04-01-21 Recap 1st April 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 04-01-21 Recap 1st April 2021

Ridge tried to convince Hope that Thomas changed. She said she realized that he changed. She wondered if he was trying to get her to be with Thomas when she was still married to Liam. Ridge said he wasn’t doing that. He was trying to get her to realize that Thomas changed. She understood that he did. When they finished talking, Ridge left.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-01-21 Recap 1st April 2021

Hope is stunned by Flo’s surprise and shocking request. Brooke seeks Liam’s help in ensuring that Hope remains safe.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-01-21 Recap 1st April 2021

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Brooke told Thomas that she didn’t want him to be with her daughter. She said she was trying to protect her. Thomas said he could have let Vinny get away with what he did with the test results. He said she wasn’t going to forget about what he has done, but he wanted her to give him a chance because he’s her husband’s son. He wanted her to forget about the pain and move forward. Ridge walked in while they were talking. He said Thomas was right. He said he wanted them to move on. He said if she listened to him, she would believe him.

Brooke said she wanted to get along with Thomas. Thomas said he thought they were getting along when she invited him to recuperate in her home. She said she noticed the changes he made, but she wasn’t comfortable with the way he talked about Hope. She said his attraction to Hope has caused a lot of problems. She said the best thing Thomas could do was keep his distance. He asked if he was supposed to stay away from Hope. Ridge said Thomas was going to keep his distance from Hope. He wanted to know what more she wanted. Brooke said she had to see somebody.

Thomas told Ridge that Brooke was never going to trust him around Hope. Flo went to see Hope. Hope said it was jarring that her mother and aunts wanted her to be there. Flo said she would stay away from her. Hope said she wouldn’t ask her to give up her job. She said Flo was family. Flo wanted to know how much it bothered her that she was a Logan. Hope said it was a lot to process. Flo wanted to know if she would ever be willing to accept her as a Logan.

Wyatt told Liam to prove to Hope that he wanted to be with her. Liam said he did everything he could to prove to her that he wanted to be with her. Brooke went to see Liam. She congratulated Wyatt on his engagement. He thanked her for welcoming Flo into the family. Brooke told Liam that she was worried about Thomas. She said he should be worried about Thomas too.

Flo told Hope that she wanted her to be a part of her life. She said she hated what she did to her. She wanted to get to know her. She said she was working at Forrester and was engaged to Wyatt. She said she was getting to know her aunts. She wanted her to accept her in her life the same way she accepted Zoey and Thomas.

Thomas told Ridge that he wasn’t a threat or danger to Hope, but Brooke won’t accept it. Ridge said to think about it from Brooke’s point of view. He said he was looking out for her daughter. Thomas said he wasn’t going to allow her to draw a wedge between them. Ridge said Brooke wasn’t doing that. Thomas said she was. He said it happened ever since they were kids. He said Brooke always tried to get Ridge to choose her over them. He said nothing changed.

Liam asked Brooke what was going on. Brooke said it would if he didn’t stop Thomas. She told him she didn’t trust Thomas. Liam said he didn’t trust him either. He said there was nothing to say if he wasn’t doing anything. She said Thomas was always around Hope. She said Thomas was still obsessed. She said now that he was separated from Hope, he had a sick sense of confidence. She said he had to do something to fix his marriage or Thomas was going to do something.

Liam said he was concerned about Thomas using the situation to his advantage, but he couldn’t worry about it. Brooke told him he had to. He asked if he was supposed to demand that Hope stay away from Thomas. He said he would give her space if she wanted. Brooke told him he couldn’t give up. She said he couldn’t give Thomas the advantage. Liam said he had to do what Hope wanted. She said she wasn’t going to let Thomas get his hands on Hope. She told him that he had to fight for Hope. She said he had to take action now.

Thomas went to Hope and told her that Brooke thought he had ulterior motives when it came to her. He said she was convinced he didn’t change. Hope wanted to know what she did. He said Brooke thought he was trying to go after her. He didn’t know what he had to say or do to prove it to Brooke. He said he wanted to see Hope happy even if it meant being with Liam. He said his love and commitment for her would never waiver. 

Bold and the Beautiful 04-01-21 Recap 1st April 2021.


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