Bold and the Beautiful 04-02-21 Recap 2nd April 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 04-02-21 Recap 2nd April 2021

Brooke told Hope about the responsibility she had without Liam. She said Liam helped her out. She said he wasn’t living with her. Brooke wanted to know if she was going to change her mind about letting him come home. Hope smelled the flowers Liam gave her. She said he was being sweet. She said she couldn’t forget that he slept with Steffy and told her he loved her. Brooke told her to get past the pain and find forgiveness.

Liam told Bill that he was sending Hope gifts to show her how much he loved her. Bill said he needed to do more than that. He told Liam to go to the cabin. He said family was more important than business.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-02-21 Recap 2nd April 2021

Zoe finds an unexpected ally in Quinn. Liam makes a romantic gesture towards Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-02-21 Recap 2nd April 2021

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Paris told Zoe that she had a date with Zende. Paris asked if Zoe was jealous. Zoe asked why she should be jealous when everything was going right for Paris and she and Carter weren’t together. Paris told her she had no one to blame but herself.

Quinn noticed that there was tension between Paris and Zoe. Paris left the alone. Quinn wanted Zoe to tell her what was going on. Quinn said she knew about her feelings for Zende and how her engagement to Carter was over. Zoe said it wasn’t fair.

Quinn told Zoe that she should be happy for Paris and Zende. Zoe was shocked. Quinn told her not to be shocked. Quinn said they both knew what it was like to mess up and pay the price. Zoe talked to her about Zende and said she played with fire and got burned.

Quinn told Zoe that Zende invited Paris to the mansion for dinner. Quinn asked Zoe what she was going to do about Paris. Quinn said she knew she wanted to get even. Zoe wasn’t sure what she should do to stop things from moving forward with Paris and Zende. Quinn mentioned Eric’s stomach herbs and what they do to him. Quinn left the room. Zoe slipped the herbs in Paris’ drink.

Bill went to see Brooke to talk about the kids. He said Liam was miserable. Brooke said she wanted Hope and Liam to get back together. She said it would come down to how much Hope could forgive.

Liam went to see Hope. He said he didn’t want a day to go by that he didn’t think about her. She said she missed him. He said he wanted to be the man she wanted him to be. He said nothing in his life made sense without her in it.

Liam wanted to say good night to Beth. Hope listened to him on the monitor. When he went back to Hope, she said he was a great father. He said he wished he could be on all the time. He told her all the things he missed. He said he missed touching and kissing her. They kissed each other. He told her he loved her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 04-02-21 Recap 2nd April 2021.


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