Bold and the Beautiful 04-05-21 Recap 5th April 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 04-05-21 Recap 5th April 2021

Liam tried to convince Hope to give him another chance. He said they have been through things before. Zoe asked Quinn if the tonic she gave her was harmful. Quinn said her hairdresser recommended it. Zoe told her that she gave it to Paris. She told Quinn that she drank every drop. She said it was going to ruin Paris’ date. Zende had the Forrester mansion set up for a romantic evening. Zoe told Quinn that she spiked Paris’ smoothie.

Brooke told Bill that she told Hope to give Liam another chance. Bill said Liam knew he blew it. He said Liam knew he betrayed Hope, but he said they could get past it. Brooke said she hoped they did. Liam told Hope that he missed all of them being together. She said she did too. She said she missed it just as much as he did.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-05-21 Recap 5th April 2021

Hope and Liam share a sweet kiss, causing Liam to have hope for their future. The end to a visit between friends quickly becomes a nightmare when someone dies.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-05-21 Recap 5th April 2021

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Paris asked Zende how he always made her feel good. He said when she going to realize how great she was. He said he lit up every time he saw her. She said he made her feel special. He said she was wonderful. Brooke told Bill that Hope was miserable. Bill asked why Hope didn’t take him back. He said Liam loved Hope despite the mistake he made. He said he would reassure Hope of the same thing. Brooke didn’t think they would have influence of the situation. He said he wanted to see his son happy. He said he would always do what he wanted to protect Liam’s future.

Liam told Hope that they were still fighting, but Vinny was out on bail. Liam said he didn’t want to see Vinny again. He said Vinny deserved to suffer after what he did to them. He warned her to watch out for Vinny in case he tried to come after her. Hope said everything worked out for Steffy and Finn. She said they were engaged and having a baby. Liam said he wanted things to work out for them too.

Zoe told Quinn that she shouldn’t have spiked Paris’ smoothie. Quinn said she wanted to get revenge on Paris. Zoe said she was her sister. She said she didn’t want to hurt her. She said she was sick of everyone thinking that she was so perfect. Paris and Zende talked about Zoe. He said she said good things about her when Paris first came to town. Paris said she said that when she thought she was visiting.

Bill and Brooke showed up. Bill told Hope that Liam loved her. He said the longer it took to heal the rift the harder it would be to repair. He said not to let anything come between their family. Brooke thanked him. Bill and Liam left. Brooke told Hope that she and Liam looked to be getting along. Brooke said Hope was still in love with him.

Hope told Brooke that everything might be okay with her and Liam. She told Brooke that she and Liam kissed. Brooke was happy for her. She said fixing a relationship would take time and patience. She told her it was hard to ignore the connection that she and Liam had. She said she saw a bright and wonderful future between Hope and Liam.

Bill let Liam drive his car. They talked about Liam’s marriage. Bill told him to fight for his marriage. While they were talking, Liam hit someone. They got out of the car to see who it was. It turned out to be Vinny. 

Bold and the Beautiful 04-05-21 Recap 5th April 2021.


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