Bold and the Beautiful 04-06-21 Recap 6th April 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 04-06-21 Recap 6th April 2021

Bill and Liam were shocked to see Vinny. Liam said it was Thomas’ friend Vinny. Liam said he was the one who changed the test results. Liam told Vinny that he didn’t see him. Liam said they would call for help. Liam told Bill to call for help.

Vinny tried to say something, but passed out. Liam was shocked and passed out. Bill put Liam back in the car. He took Vinny’s phone off of him. Bill got back in the car and drove away. Bill pulled over and put Vinny’s phone under the tire. He rolled over the phone. He picked up the phone and threw it.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-06-21 Recap 6th April 2021

Zende’s romantic date with Paris is dramatically interrupted by a prank pulled by Zoe. In a split second, an unexpected death forever changes the lives of the Spencers, Logans and Forresters.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-06-21 Recap 6th April 2021

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When Liam went back in the car, Liam woke up and wanted to know what was going on. He wanted to know where Vinny was. Bill said he was dead. Liam wanted to go back to him. He said they couldn’t leave him out there. He said it was an accident.

Bill told Liam that he had to protect him. He said Liam had a motive to kill Vinny. Bill said he hated him. Liam tried to say it was wrong.  Bill said he wouldn’t let him go to prison or lose his life over this. He said no one would know what happened.

Brooke told Hope that she and Liam were meant to be. Hope told her not to get ahead of herself. She said they weren’t together yet. Brooke said she saw the light at the end of the tunnel. She said Hope was moving into another chapter.

Brooke told Hope that her kiss with Liam was something to start with. Hope was worried about being able to look at herself in the mirror, but I’m hopeful. They talked about Liam’s affair. Hope said Steffy could have been pregnant with Liam’s child. Brooke said it was a mistake.

Brooke told Hope to let the kiss be the first step. Hope got a text from Thomas telling her that Vinny was out on bail. Brooke said Vinny would pay for what he did. Hope said she didn’t want to talk about Vinny. She said she would be positive about Liam. Brooke said they would live happily ever after.

Zoe started to feel guilty about what she did to Paris. Quinn said it was harmless. She said Zende was going to get an earful. Zoe said it was nice to have someone who didn’t judge her. Quinn thought Paris barged her way in Zoe’s life. Quinn told her to stop feeling guilty.

Zoe thought Quinn was right about Paris. Zoe thought it was time for Paris to know she wasn’t perfect. Zoe told Quinn that she has asked Paris to leave, but she Paris chose to stay. Zoe thought it was okay to get revenge.

When Zende talked to Paris about her name being the city of love, she noticed something wasn’t right. Her stomach made a noise. While they continued with their date, her stomach kept making noises. He asked if she was alright. She said she didn’t know what was going on. He said they would ignore it.

Paris’ stomach got worse. She was embarrassed. Zende told her not to worry about it. When her stomach kept making noises, she ended up leaving. He watched her run out the house. 

Bold and the Beautiful 04-06-21 Recap 6th April 2021.


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