Bold and the Beautiful 04-14-21 Recap 14th April 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 04-14-21 Recap 14th April 2021

Hope wanted to know what was going on with Liam. She said it was a hard time dealing with the idea of Vinny dying the way he did. When he wouldn’t answer the phone, she kept asking him what was going on. Before Liam could answer Hope, Bill took the phone from him. He told Hope that they were in the middle of a business deal. When Bill got off the phone, he told Liam not to answer the phone again. Zoe and Quinn were talking about accepting Paris and Zende. Carter walked in while they were talking. Zoe asked him to give her another chance.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-14-21 Recap 14th April 2021

Lt. Baker makes a surprise appearance at Forrester Creations.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-14-21 Recap 14th April 2021

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Paris and Zende talked about Zoe supporting them. Paris said she didn’t think Zoe would ever come around. She said Zoe might have realized that she didn’t want to lose her too. Carter told Zoe that he thought she would grow, but it wasn’t something that he could be a part of right now. When he left, Quinn told her he didn’t say never. Bill asked if Liam was going to tell Hope. Liam said he wasn’t. Liam asked Bill if he was never supposed to talk to Hope about killing a man.

Thomas asked Hope if she told Liam. She said he didn’t take it well. He wanted to know how Liam took it. She said his reaction was strange. She said he didn’t know Vinny, but Liam didn’t take it well. Thomas said he didn’t want to be a jerk, but he was worried about his own feelings. Ridge walked in and wanted to know what Vinny did. Thomas told him Vinny was dead.

Paris told Zende that she thought she was getting her sister back. He said he wished she figured it out on her own without her relationship ending. Carter walked in while they were talking and wished people would stop talking about their relationship. Paris said Zoe changed and asked if he saw it too. Zoe told Quinn that Carter loved her. She said he didn’t care about her mistakes, but she ruined it. She wanted to know why she was so afraid. Quinn told her that she screwed up. She said to stop beating herself up and think about getting Carter back.

Hope told Ridge that Thomas identified Vinny’s body. Thomas said Vinny was still his friend. Ridge said he liked Vinny, but he should have gone to jail for what he did. Ridge said he shouldn’t be gone. Bill told Liam that the two of them were the only ones who should know about this. Liam told him that he was trying to get Hope back so he didn’t want to keep it from her. Bill said it wouldn’t be fair to make Hope keep his secret. Liam said Hope would see through him. He said he couldn’t live this way.

Paris told Carter that Zoe had a lot of work to do to gain his trust back. She asked if he would consider if she tried. He said he trusted Zoe, but she betrayed him. Quinn told Zoe that she would try talking to Carter for her. Zoe said that would mean a lot to her. She said she regret hurting and losing him. Quinn said a girl would be lucky to have a guy like Carter.

Thomas told Hope that Vinny made questionable decisions. He said he deserved to suffer something, but not this. Ridge wanted to cancel a meeting. Thomas didn’t want him to do that. He wanted to work to take his mind off of it. Ridge and Hope left him alone. Baker went to see Thomas. He wanted to ask Thomas some questions. Thomas said he would answer them. He wanted to know why he wasn’t at the crime scene. Baker wanted to know if Vinny’s death was an accident or if someone ran him over on purpose.

Bill told Liam that he was stronger than he thought. He said he took care of everything. He said the evidence was gone. He said he needed Liam to calm down and believe in him. Liam said he did, but Bill couldn’t have thought of everything. Bill wanted to know what he forgot. Liam said he didn’t know. He said Bill wasn’t an expert on criminal activity. He said the police would find something. Bill said the police wouldn’t find anything.

Zoe told Paris that she was going to repair their relationship. Zoe said she was going to repair her relationship with Carter. She said she would convince him to take her back. Quinn went to see Carter. She told him Zoe was being sincere. She asked if they could talk about Zoe.

Thomas asked Baker if he thought someone killed Vinny on purpose. Baker said Vinny was arrested for altering paternity results. He said Thomas was upset that Vinny did that to his sister. Thomas wanted to know if Baker was trying to say he had something to do with Vinny’s death.

Bill told Liam that he was going to keep him safe. Bill said he wanted him to live his life. He told him not to think about Vinny again. Bill got an alert that he had a conference call. Liam told him to take the call because it would be suspicious if he didn’t. Bill asked if he could trust him not to say anything while he was gone. Liam said he wouldn’t say anything in his state of mind. When Bill left, Liam thought about the accident. He saw Vinny. Vinny told him that he left him to die. Vinny said he hit him. Liam said he didn’t see him. Vinny said he left him on the side of the road and drove away. Vinny told him that he wasn’t going to get away with what he did. Vinny said he was going to pay. Liam opened his eyes and Vinny was gone. 

Bold and the Beautiful 04-14-21 Recap 14th April 2021.


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