Bold and the Beautiful 04-15-21 Recap 15th April 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 04-15-21 Recap 15th April 2021

Thomas wanted to know if Baker was accusing him of killing Vinny. Baker said his wallet and phone were missing. Liam told Bill that Vinny was there. Carter didn’t want to listen to Quinn about Zoe. He said she would be the last person he would talk to. Eric showed up while they were talking. When Eric was about to leave, Quinn wanted to talk to him. Zoe apologized to Paris. Zoe wanted to be close again the way they used to be. Paris said she wanted to do it. Zoe said she wanted to fix things with Carter. She said she hoped Quinn could help her.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-15-21 Recap 15th April 2021

Eric opens up to Ridge about his relationship with Quinn. A person keeping a deadly secret fears they’ve been busted.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-15-21 Recap 15th April 2021

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Quinn told Eric that she wanted to spend a romantic evening with her. He said he couldn’t because he was having a conference call. Eric left. Carter asked her if everything was all right. She said it was. She told him that he and Zoe were worthwhile. He didn’t want to talk to her about Zoe. He left to give Eric the numbers he wanted.

Baker told Thomas that he wanted information. Thomas said Vinny was murdered. Baker said his wallet and phone were missing. He said they searched everywhere Vinny could have been and didn’t find anything. He said the person covered their tracks. Thomas said he would never hurt Vinny. Baker asked if he could think of anyone who would have wanted Vinny dead.

Liam told Bill that Vinny was there. Bill said Vinny was dead. Liam said it was in his head, but it was very real. He said Vinny was looking at him. Bill wanted him to pull himself together. Liam said Vinny told him that they left him on the side of the road. Bill said he didn’t say anything. He said Vinny was dead before they left. He said it was an accident. Liam said Vinny told him they were going to find him and make him pay.

Paris asked Zoe if Quinn was helping her get Carter. Zoe said Quinn was close to Ridge and thought she would be able to help. Quinn showed up and told Zoe that Carter didn’t want to talk to her. She asked Zoe if she wanted Carter. Zoe said she did. Quinn said they wouldn’t give up until they made Carter realize he wanted her.

Bill told Liam that he had to pull himself together for Hope and the kids. Liam said he didn’t know how he was supposed to do that. Bill said he had to do it. He asked if Liam wanted his kids to grow up without a father. Liam said Vinny came out of nowhere. Bill told him to stop. He said they couldn’t keep going over the same thing. He said Vinny was dead. He said he got him out of there for him. He said no jury was going to believe him. He said Liam was going to prison. He said to put what happened with Vinny out of his mind forever.

Quinn went to Carter’s place. He asked if she came over there to talk about Zoe. Baker told Thomas that he couldn’t do his job if he couldn’t follow up on leads. He said he needed Thomas to cooperate. Thomas told Baker that Vinny was a drug dealer. Baker said Vinny worked in a hospital lab. Thomas said that was where Vinny was getting the drugs. Thomas said he wanted Baker to find the monster who killed Vinny. Thomas said he wanted them to pay for what they did.

Bill told Liam that he wanted to protect him. Liam said he wanted to cover it up. Liam said he killed someone. He didn’t understand the way Bill was acting. Bill said he wasn’t cold. He said he was practical. He said he was only concerned about Liam and his kids. Liam asked how he could be a father. Bill told him he always had to be perfect. He told him he wasn’t perfect. He said he made mistakes. Liam’s phone rang. Bill told him it was Hope. He told Liam to answer it. Liam didn’t want to. Bill thought it would be suspicious.

Hope told Liam that she wanted to check on him because it seemed as if he took Vinny’s death hard. Liam said it was hard for him. She wanted him to meet her at Forrester. She wanted to talk about the kids and their schedules, but he canceled lunch. He agreed to meet with her. She said it was important for the kids to have some type of normalcy. She wanted to talk about them and acceptance. She wanted to talk about them getting back together. He said he would see her soon. When he got off the phone, he asked Bill what he did. Bill told him he did what he had to do. He said to go back to his life. Liam said the truth always came out.

Carter wanted to know why Quinn was at his place. He said he didn’t know she was a fan of Zoe’s. Quinn said she was a fan of second chances. He asked if she was talking about Eric. She said she was talking about Zoe. She asked if he missed her. When he didn’t answer, she said she was going to say he did.

Baker asked Thomas why Vinny would change the paternity test. Thomas said he thought he was helping him with Hope. He said Liam had an affair with Steffy. He said Vinny changed the test to help him. Hope came in while they were talking. Baker told her Vinny was on the bad side of a lot of people. He said he would find out what happened sooner or later. He told them he would be in touch before he left.

Thomas told Hope that someone intentionally killed Vinny. He said he thought things would be better for Vinny after he got out of jail. Hope said they would find who killed Vinny. Thomas said he got a strange vibe about who did it. He said he needed proof. 

Bold and the Beautiful 04-15-21 Recap 15th April 2021.


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