Bold and the Beautiful 04-27-21 Recap 27th April 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 04-27-21 Recap 27th April 2021

Baker told Bill he was looking for the person who had a motive for killing Vinny. Eric told Donna that he was leaving for one day. He said no one would know he was gone. Donna asked if Quinn would notice him being gone. Quinn talked to Carter about Eric. She told him that she thought her days as Eric’s wife were over. Bill told Baker a lot of people wanted to see Vinny murdered. Baker said he was right. He said right now he was asking about Liam. Bill asked if he wanted to read something into that. Baker asked if he should. Liam told Hope that he wanted to spend the rest of his life cherishing her. He said she gave him a lifeline. He said he wouldn’t be able to tell her how much it meant to him.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-27-21 Recap 27th April 2021

Dollar Bill interferes during Deputy Baker’s interrogation of Liam. Brooke voices concern about Thomas when Hope shares her joyful news.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-27-21 Recap 27th April 2021

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Donna told Eric that he could talk to her about anything. He said he didn’t know if his current wife would like that. She said she could read different things into that. She asked if she should. Carter told Quinn not to doubt herself or her marriage. She said Eric was pulling away from her emotionally or physically. She said no one picked up on how they were off. She said Ridge and Brooke would do anything to make sure she was gone. She said Brooke would definitely do it after everything she and Shauna did to her marriage. She said Eric chose Brooke over her. She said Brooke did terrible things and was forgiven. She said had atone for her sins. Carter said she had to work hard at rebuilding Eric’s trust. Bill told Baker that Vinny’s accident was a drug by gone wrong or a hit and run. Baker said there was one more possibly. He said Vinny changing the paternity test upset a lot of people. He asked if Liam was angry enough to kill Vinny.

Carter told Quinn not to lose faith. He said he was rooting for her. She said she was doing the same for him and Zoe. She said she was going to say goodbye to Eric. Quinn went to see Eric. She said she was going to miss him. She said she hoped he was going to miss her too. Hope talked to Brooke about needing Liam. Brooke asked if she has forgiven her husband. Bill told Baker that Liam was against killing anyone. Baker told Bill that it had to be humiliated when Vinny changed the paternity tests. Liam said Baker had to be livid when Vinny changed them. Liam went to see Bill to tell him that Hope took him back. Baker used that opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Quinn told Eric that she hated when he left. He said it was a short trip. She said she could go with him. He said she wouldn’t even miss him. She said she would miss him. She said when he got back they could try to be close again. He said he wasn’t ready yet. She asked him to call her when he got there. She said she loved him. He left without telling her he loved her. Brooke told Hope to take Liam back when she was ready. She said she wanted Hope to have time to process what happened. Hope said the kids missed Liam so much. She told Brooke that Liam was coming home. Brooke was happy that she could forgive him. Hope said she couldn’t do it all at once.

Bill told Baker that it was absurd for Liam to kill Vinny. Liam told Baker to ask his questions. Baker reminded him that Vinny changed the paternity test. He told him Vinny did other things. He said he knew it had to cross Liam’s mind. He asked Liam if he killed Vinny. Bill said Liam didn’t kill Vinny. Bill told Liam to tell Baker that he didn’t kill Vinny. Liam didn’t say anything.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-27-21 Recap 27th April 2021.


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