Bold and the Beautiful 04-28-21 Recap 28th April 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 04-28-21 Recap 28th April 2021

Paris told Zoe that she told Carter how good they were together. Zoe wanted to know how he reacted. Paris said he listened to her. Zoe said she would take what she could get. Paris said Quinn was a cheerleader for her and Carter too. Quinn talked to Carter about Eric. She told him that she wasn’t going to be close to her husband again. Carter told her to give him a chance. He said things would work out. She didn’t think that was true.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-28-21 Recap 28th April 2021

Zoe apologizes to Paris, who then offers to help her win back Carter. Bill becomes irritated when Wyatt innocently asks him about his car.

Bold and the Beautiful 04-28-21 Recap 28th April 2021

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Hope told Brooke that she wanted Liam to move back home so they could heal. Hope thought that was the best option for them to get back together. Bill told Baker that it was crazy for him to think that Liam would run Vinny over. Baker said he wanted to hear it from Liam. Baker asked Liam if he ran over Vinny. Liam didn’t say anything.

Zoe told Paris that she wanted to make things work with Carter. She said she always sabotaged her relationships. Paris said she could thank their father for that. She said Zoe had her and Quinn fighting for her. Quinn told Carter she wanted Eric to miss her. She wanted to know why she thought getting Shauna to marry Ridge in order to break up Ridge and Brooke’s marriage was going to help it. Carter said Eric would get over it. She said when she tried to make love to Eric he turned her down. She said it made her think that intimacy between them was over.

Baker told Liam he had good reason to hate Vinny. Baker said he might have thought getting rid of him was the solution. Baker wanted Liam to answer him. Bill asked Liam if he hit Vinny on purpose. Liam said he didn’t. Bill asked if he killed Vinny. Liam said he didn’t. Bill told Baker to leave. Baker wanted them to let him know if they could think of anything that could help the case. When Baker left, Bill told Liam to calm down. Liam told him Baker was going to be back.

Zoe asked Quinn if she talked to Carter about her. Quinn said she did, but she wasn’t the main topic of conversation. Zoe wanted to know what they talked about. Quinn said they talked about business too. Quinn let her know that if she had any information for her she would let her know. Zoe apologized to her for being so pushy. She said she felt so bad about ruining her relationship. She said she would do anything to fix things. She wanted Quinn to talk to her again. She wanted her to give it another shot because she was her last hope.

Brooke asked Hope if Thomas has been around more since Liam was gone. Hope said Thomas has been around more because she asked him to. Hope said it helped him with his grief. She said there was no motive involved. Brooke was glad that he wasn’t taking advantage of her. She wanted her to keep things in the past or she wouldn’t be able to see what’s in front of her. Hope said she hated what Vinny did with the paternity results, but he didn’t deserve to die on the side of the road.

Bill told Liam not to let Baker get in his head. Bill said he didn’t deliberately kill Vinny. He said Vinny came out of nowhere. He said to make his brain realize that. Liam said he wanted that more than anything. He said the only thing he wanted was to be back with Hope. He said Hope wanted him to come home. He said he cheated on Hope with Steffy. Bill told him he made a choice to cheat with Steffy, but what happened to Vinny was an accident. He told Liam to move on with his life.

Hope told Brooke that Vinny didn’t deserve to die. Brooke couldn’t understand how the person could be so cold and uncaring. Brooke didn’t want to think about it. She said Liam was coming home and her family was going to be back together. Liam said he didn’t realize how petrified he was that his marriage was over because of his mistake. He said he didn’t lose her. Bill said he was happy for him. He said that was why he took the drastic measures he did to protect him. He said he would have to be able to look in Hope’s eyes and keep the secret. He said the stakes were too high. Liam said it was impossible to erase Vinny from his mind. He said he couldn’t bring that darkness around the kids. He said their love would fill the hole in him. He said he couldn’t let Hope get suspicious. He said he knew he was right. He said he hoped nothing took him away from them permanently. 

Bold and the Beautiful 04-28-21 Recap 28th April 2021.


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