Bold and the Beautiful 05-04-21 Recap 4th May 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 05-04-21 Recap 4th May 2021

Liam panicked when he saw the tribute video of Vinny that Hope was looking at. She asked him what was wrong. Thomas told Ridge that Vinny was a good friend to him. Zoe wanted to know what was taking so long to hear from Quinn. Quinn and Carter talked about what they could lose by having their affair. They said it could never happen again. Thomas told Ridge that he wanted to know who killed Vinny. Baker came in and said he would be able to help with that. He wanted to ask a few questions about it. Hope said she knew what was wrong with Liam.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-04-21 Recap 4th May 2021

Liam attempts to hide his torment over Vinny’s death from Hope. Ridge goes on the defense when Baker grills Thomas about Vinny.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-04-21 Recap 4th May 2021

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Thomas told Baker to ask his questions. Baker said Vinny’s action with the paternity test affected a lot of people. Baker said Thomas was upset with what Vinny did. Ridge stopped Baker from talking. Ridge told him to find the person who killed Vinny. Hope told Liam that Vinny’s death affected him. She said he didn’t like what happened to Vinny. She said it was understandable if he couldn’t forgive or forget what Vinny did. Liam said he wished he could put it out of his mind and never think about it again. He said he couldn’t forgive himself.

Zoe said she hasn’t heard from Quinn because she didn’t want to give her the bad news. Zoe said Carter was seeing someone else and Quinn didn’t have the heart to give her the bad news. Paris said Carter wasn’t the type to jump in bed with another woman. Quinn told Carter that Eric didn’t see her or need her anymore. She said his family finally got to him. She said Brooke finally got to him. She said he took Brooke’s side over hers and it hurt. She said none of that justified what they did. Carter said he knew. He said he respected Eric and Ridge. He said they needed intimacy and a connection. He said they should have fought harder, but it didn’t feel wrong. She said it was beautiful. She said it would be wrong if they kept hurting the people they loved. She said it was an amazing time, but it was over. She said no one could know. She said they couldn’t tell anyone. She said it had to be a secret.

Baker said Ridge was another father defending his son. Ridge said he wasn’t defending him because there was nothing to defend. Baker said he was aware of the fight Thomas had with Vinny and Finn. Thomas said he had a fight with him, but he didn’t kill him. Ridge defended Thomas to Baker. He told Baker to find the real killer and leave Thomas alone. Hope told Liam not to let one awful night haunt him for the rest of his life. She said it would rob him of their family. She said they lost so much time because of what happened. She said she didn’t want to lose anymore. She said they agreed not to dwell on the past. She said they were going to move forward. She wanted him to do that for them. He said he wanted to.

Quinn went to the office. Zoe asked her why she didn’t answer any of her texts. She wanted to know where Quinn was. Before Quinn could answer her, she asked if she got anywhere with Carter. She said she wanted to know everything that happened. Zoe said she wanted to thank her. She said she never had a friend like her. She said Quinn has fought for her. She said no one has stood up for her besides Paris. Quinn said she did her best. Zoe said she missed Carter so much. She said she missed everything about him. She said he was everything a woman would want. She said Quinn would understand because she had that with Eric.

Thomas told Baker that he didn’t talk to Vinny after he went to jail. Thomas said he blocked Vinny from his phone. Baker asked if he was upset that Vinny’s actions ruined so many people’s lives. Thomas said he was upset, but not enough to kill him. He asked Baker to tell him he had a lead. Hope told Liam that what happened were devastating. She said the repercussions were great. She said she hasn’t completely forgiven him, but she would. She said they needed to put the pain of that night behind them so they could move on together. Liam told her that he loved her and didn’t want to be away from her and the kids again. She said she was going to make sure of that. 

Bold and the Beautiful 05-04-21 Recap 4th May 2021.


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