Bold and the Beautiful 05-07-21 Recap 7th May 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 05-07-21 Recap 7th May 2021

Quinn tried to change the subject up with Eric, but he told her he heard. He wanted to know what happened while he was gone. Quinn thought about having sex with Carter. Shauna interrupted to tell Eric talking about the night Quinn regretted. She said she was talking them working together to break up Brooke and Ridge’s marriage.

Shauna told Eric not to give up on his marriage. She said Quinn was devoted to him. Quinn thanked Shauna for her help. Quinn said they couldn’t let one night ruin what they had. She said she wanted to prove every day that she was committed to him and the life they created together.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-07-21 Recap 7th May 2021

Brooke is stunned when Carter defends Quinn’s past mistakes. Shauna covers for Quinn then advocates on her behalf to Eric.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-07-21 Recap 7th May 2021

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Eric wanted to talk to Shauna. He said Quinn was lucky to have one of these. Shauna said he was the only who mattered to her. They talked about the distance between him and Quinn. He said it was going on for a while. He said he didn’t see any improvement. She said Quinn wanted to be close to him again.

Eric told Shauna that he loved Quinn but he couldn’t look at her the same. He said he didn’t think he could forgive her betrayal. He thought it would only be a matter of time before she betrayed him again.

Zoe told Carter that she was proud to call Quinn a friend. She said she was hoping she would have a positive impact on Carter. She said Quinn has been honest with her. She told him she wanted to get back together. Paris came in and interrupted them. Carter ended up leaving.

Paris apologized to Zoe for interrupting their conversation. She told Zoe that Carter’s heart is with her. Paris asked about Quinn. Zoe thought Quinn did her best. They talked about Zoe’s situation. Zoe believed Quinn had her back. She said she was grateful to have Quinn in her life. She said she and Quinn had a lot in common.

Quinn went to see Carter. She told him that Shauna knew the truth. He wanted to know how it happened. She said she didn’t keep things from her. She told him Shauna saved her with Eric. She said the secret would stay between them.

Carter told Quinn not to give up on her marriage. She said she didn’t think they would be intimate again. He said she was an amazing woman. They decided that what happened couldn’t happen again. She said she had to get back to Eric. Carter followed her. He said they shouldn’t do it. She said they couldn’t. They kissed each other. 

Bold and the Beautiful 05-07-21 Recap 7th May 2021.


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