Bold and the Beautiful 05-12-21 Recap 12th May 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 05-12-21 Recap 12th May 2021

Brooke told Eric that she and Ridge wanted to look out for him. He said he was going to try and make his marriage work. Zoe told Paris that she went to Carter to surprise him. Zoe told her that Carter was seeing another woman. Quinn told Shauna that she and Carter almost got caught. Brooke told Eric that she wanted the best for him. Eric said he was worried about Zoe. He said it was hard for her to find Carter with another woman. Ridge said Zoe was going to be okay. Brooke said Paris would be there for her. Brooke said some relationships are worth saving. Ridge said Brooke said she was going to mind her business.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-12-21 Recap 12th May 2021

Zoe is heartbroken to learn that Carter has moved on. Meanwhile, Shauna makes a bold move to protect Quinn.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-12-21 Recap 12th May 2021

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Paris asked if Zoe was sure that Carter was with another woman. Zoe said she was. Paris said she was sorry. Zoe said she didn’t think she would see him with another woman. Paris asked if she walked in on the middle of them. Zoe said she didn’t, but she might as well had. Shauna told Quinn that she swore she and Carter weren’t going to sleep together. Quinn said she went over to see him to tell him what happened with Eric. Shauna wanted to know how they ended up in bed together. Quinn said she didn’t know. She said they started kissing and ended up in bed. She said Zoe nearly caught them. Shauna said she didn’t know how to help her with that.

Eric said Ridge and Brooke were the best couple. Ridge said he could have the same thing. Brooke asked if that was what he wanted. Eric wanted to focus on Zoe. He said he felt bad when a young woman got her heart broken. Ridge said he felt bad for Zoe, but he was concerned about Carter. He said Carter loved her, but she wanted to be with Zende. He said Carter could have been with anyone. Brooke thought she knew who the woman was.

Zoe told Paris that she wanted to kick herself for going on to Eric, Ridge and Brooke about wanting to make things work with Carter. Paris wanted to know how she got in his place. She said he didn’t take his key back. She said she went in his apartment, but didn’t see him downstairs. She said she went upstairs. She said the room was dark. She could tell that someone was in bed. She said she thought he was sick at first. She realized that there were women’s clothes on the floor. She said her heart was broke that he was with another woman. Paris asked if it was someone that she knew. Zoe said she never saw her.

Shauna was shocked that Zoe caught Quinn and Carter together. Quinn said she hid on the floor when she heard her. She said Zoe was upset when she realized Carter wasn’t alone. She said felt terrible. Carter showed up while they were talking. He asked if she saw Zoe. He said he hurt Zoe. Quinn said they both hurt her. She said it wasn’t her intention to fall into bed with him. She said they had to fix it. He said they couldn’t unsee what she saw. She said he could tell Zoe that he wanted to be with her. She said she could make things work with Eric. She said they could never slip up again.

Paris asked Zoe if there was anything she could do. She said she could talk to Carter. Zoe said it wouldn’t do any good. She said she was fooling herself thinking she could get him to trust her again. She said she was fool enough to get Quinn to talk to him when she couldn’t do it. She said she wanted to talk to Quinn and let her know that her worst nightmare came true.

Carter told Quinn they were headed for disaster. Quinn said that would have been the end of her marriage. Shauna told them that they couldn’t keep saying that it was over if they kept ending up in bed together. Carter said Eric treated him like family. Quinn said it was her marriage. Shauna told them not to blame themselves. She said they were vulnerable. He said there was pain in her eyes when she saw the clothes. Quinn said her jacket was on the floor. She said if Zoe saw it and put two and two together they were going to be expose. He told her to get rid of the jacket right away. Zoe came in while they were talking.

Brooke told Eric that it felt wrong seeing Quinn’s portrait. Eric asked if Stephanie’s portrait should be there. He asked if his life was supposed to end. Brooke said Quinn wasn’t the right woman for him. Eric asked if Ridge felt the same way. He said it was up to him. Eric said he wanted to make his marriage work. Zoe told Shauna that she persuaded her to talk to Carter. She said Carter was in bed with another woman. He and Quinn apologized. Quinn said he didn’t want to hurt her. He said he didn’t. Zoe said she lost his trust and the chance at true happiness. She said she was hoping that they could get back together. Quinn said the other woman meant nothing to him. Zoe asked if she knew who it was. Quinn said she was saying that he still cared about her.

Quinn wanted to leave Zoe and Carter alone. Zoe thanked Quinn for helping her. She said she didn’t want to believe that he was with another woman. She said she wanted to know who the other woman was. She wanted to know who was taking her place in his bed. She said she couldn’t get the vision of the woman’s clothes out of her head. While she was talking, she noticed Quinn’s jacket. Shauna picked up the jacket. Zoe asked if she was the other woman in his life. 

Bold and the Beautiful 05-12-21 Recap 12th May 2021.


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