Bold and the Beautiful 05-13-21 Recap 13th May 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 05-13-21 Recap 13th May 2021

Eric told Brooke and Ridge that Quinn has been faithful to him. Brooke said Quinn was faithful to him because she wasn’t giving up the new life she had. Eric asked if she thought Quinn was faithful because she had to be. Brooke said she didn’t want to be back on the street. They ended up talking about Carter being with another woman. Ridge didn’t care that Carter was with another woman. He thought Zoe deserved it after what she did with Zende. Zoe asked Shauna if she and Carter were together. Shauna said she wasn’t with him anymore so she and Carter were together.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-13-21 Recap 13th May 2021

Eric makes a final decision about his marriage. Zoe demands answers from Carter about the new woman in his life.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-13-21 Recap 13th May 2021

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Paris told Zende that she was concerned about Zoe. Paris said Zoe felt awful about the pain she caused Carter. Zende said he felt bad about the part he played in Zoe and Carter breaking up. He said there was a spark at first, but it was gone. He said Carter didn’t want anything to do with them anymore. He wanted Carter to get over the pain. Paris didn’t think Zoe was going to get a chance to be with Carter again.

Ridge talked to Eric and Brooke about Quinn doing well until she tried to destroy his marriage. He said she should have known that Eric wouldn’t have liked it. Ridge said Zoe should have known she would lose Carter if she was interested in Zende. Eric said people made mistakes. Brooke asked if that was what he was doing with Quinn. Zoe asked Carter if he was sleeping with Shauna the whole time. Shauna said it was none of her business. Zoe asked if everyone knew what was going on and laughing at her behind her back. She asked Quinn if she knew about Carter and Shauna the whole time. Zoe said she trusted her and was her friend. She wanted Quinn to tell her the truth.

Brooke said Quinn wasn’t deserving of anything. She said Eric distanced himself from her for a reason. She said no one told Quinn to go after her marriage. Eric said he and Quinn made vows. He asked if Quinn could get his trust back. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he should try. He wanted to know what Ridge thought. Ridge said she wasn’t easy to love. He said Eric was familiar with that territory. He said when he met Quinn it felt like home. He said his mother was gone, but he was there. He said if being with Quinn made Eric happy, he should get his wife back.

Zende asked Paris why it was too late for Zoe and Carter. He asked if something happened. Paris told him that Zoe got Quinn to help her talk to Carter. Zende wanted to know why she got Quinn’s help. She said Quinn was a friend. She said Zoe thought Quinn could help. He asked if she did. Paris said Carter moved on with another woman. Zoe asked Quinn if she knew that Shauna and Carter were together and didn’t tell her. Shauna said Quinn just found out. Zoe asked how long he was with Shauna.

Brooke told Eric that Quinn was nothing like Stephanie. Eric said Stephanie was one of a kind. Brooke said she hoped Quinn would be worthy of him. She said she wasn’t sure if she changed after her trying to break up her marriage. Ridge said Quinn paid for what she did. Ridge said she lost everything until he forgave her. He said all she got back was an address. He said Eric hasn’t been there for her. Brooke said it was because of what she did. Ridge said she had to pay for a mistake she did. Brooke asked if he was trying to defend her. Ridge said he wasn’t defending her. Eric said Quinn was faithful to him.

Zoe wanted Shauna to tell him if Carter was sleeping with her while they were together. Shauna said they weren’t sleeping together. Zoe said that was a relief. She said she didn’t think they knew each other that well. Shauna said there were circumstances that put them together. Zoe asked if he loved her. He said he didn’t. Zoe asked Quinn if she confided in her. Quinn said she didn’t. Zoe said she was grateful that there was nothing serious. She said there was still a chance. She said she hated that he was with another woman, but she brought it on herself. She said she was determined to fix what she broke. She said she thought the jacket was hers. She said she wouldn’t sleep with the man she loved behind her back. She said she wouldn’t betray her like that. 

Bold and the Beautiful 05-13-21 Recap 13th May 2021.


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