Bold and the Beautiful 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022

Brooke told Ridge that she wouldn’t risk her sobriety or her life with him. Ridge said Sheila saw an opening and took it. She asked if that meant he was coming home to her. 

Brooke told Ridge she could see how much she hated what Sheila did to her. He said he hated it. He wished he made it home that night to protect her. She said he helped her get the assistance she needed. 
Ridge told Brooke he would always be there for her. She said she would always need him. She said what she needed from him now was to tell her he was coming home to her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022

Dollar Bill questions Ridge’s love for Brooke. Meanwhile, Ridge makes a decision about his immediate future with Brooke and Taylor.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022

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Taylor told Steffy that she was proud of her. Steffy said she couldn’t have done it without her. She said Sheila didn’t win. She asked how Taylor was holding up after finding out what Sheila did to Brooke. 
Taylor said how it could play out for her and Ridge. Steffy said she didn’t mean to make her feel doubt. She said she couldn’t believe he would throw away what he was sharing with her. Taylor said she was okay with him being with Brooke when she can back to town. Steffy said she couldn’t let everything go because of Sheila. 
Steffy apologized to Taylor if she planted any seeds of doubt. Taylor said they agreed Ridge needed to tell Brooke the truth about why she was drunk. Steffy said it didn’t change the fact that she turned to Deacon. She said Taylor showed him what true love looked like. She said she hoped her father didn’t forget it. 
Brooke told Ridge that she felt like a weight was lifted. She said she wanted to move on from that night and forget it happened. She said he was her husband and she loved him more than anything. She said they could make up for lost time. He said he wanted to move passed that night. He said Sheila made her drink, but Brooke ended up with Deacon. He wanted to know what he was supposed to do with that. 
Ridge told Brooke he wanted to break the cycle. She said they needed to work through this together. He asked if she didn’t think there was a point in any relationship where you have to stop hurting one another. She said they had to change the pattern. 
Ridge said he was staying with Steffy. He said Taylor has been nothing but kind to him. He said she had no expectations. He said she wanted him to be happy. He said she was an amazing woman. He said he had two great women in his life and she was asking him to hurt one of them. 
Brooke said she never would have kissed Deacon if she weren’t drinking. Ridge said he loved her but he needed time. She said she understood. He said he wouldn’t stay at Steffy’s anymore because that wasn’t fair either. He said he would move in with his father. Brooke said that was the place where they first fell in love. 
Ridge said he was doing all of this because he loved Brooke. He asked if it made sense. She said they were soulmates and would get through this to have a big beautiful and bright future together. She said he was her destiny. They kissed each other. 


Bold and the Beautiful 05-18-22 Recap 18th May 2022.


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