Bold and the Beautiful 05-26-22 Recap 26th May 2022

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 05-26-22 Recap 26th May 2022

Hope asked Liam how Steffy’s kids took the news about Finn. He said Steffy took it harder than the kids. Hope told him Steffy had a strong support system. He said he knew that she did. He said he wasn’t taking what they had lightly. He said he was grateful for what they had. He said things were going to be rough for Steffy because she didn’t have her husband anymore.

Taylor and Steffy talked about how hard it was dealing with Finn’s loss. Taylor asked her if she was planning on a memorial. Steffy said she was. She said she had to talk to Li first. Taylor said she called her and she should be on her way over. She said people handled grief differently. Li showed up at Steffy’s place. Li wanted to know what she wanted to tell her about Finn’s murder.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-26-22 Recap 26th May 2022

Eric attempts to defuse a quarrel between Taylor and Brooke over Ridge.Paris pushes back when meddling Grace demands she choose Zende over Carter.

Bold and the Beautiful 05-26-22 Recap 26th May 2022

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Hope told Liam that she wanted to give Sheila the benefit of the doubt when she wanted to see Finn and Hayes. Hope said she felt sorry for her as a mother. She was surprised that Sheila shot her own son as well as Steffy too. Liam told Hope that he was grateful to Finn. He said Finn was a great guy. He said Finn was good to Hayes and Kelly. He said he could have ignored Kelly, but he didn’t. He wanted to go check on Steffy.

Steffy told Li that her memory came back. Li said she could only imagine how painful it was. Steffy said she wished she didn’t get her memory back. Li wanted to know who shot Finn. Steffy said Sheila did. Li wanted to know why. Steffy said Sheila was afraid the truth was going to come out. She said Sheila was about to shoot her until Finn showed up and saved her. Li wasn’t surprised that Finn saved her. Steffy said Sheila was in prison. Li said she couldn’t imagine a life without her son.

Taylor told Li that she was a wonderful mother. Steffy wanted to work together to have a memorial for Finn. Li said she would handle everything. Steffy wanted to do something to honor Finn because he was her husband. Li said she didn’t want to have this conversation with her about Finn. She said she would take care of everything herself. Li left the beach house.

Liam went to see Steffy. He asked if she needed him to do anything. She asked him to be there for her. She wanted to know how she was going to move on. He said he didn’t know, but he knew she would figure out because she always doe. She said she and Finn were just starting their lives together. She said Hayes was only going to have vague memories of him. Liam said she should ask herself what Finn would want. Steffy said to go on and have a good life. Li said as long as there was a chance she wasn’t giving up. There was a shot of Finn in the bed. He was hooked up to machines. 



Bold and the Beautiful 05-26-22 Recap 26th May 2022.


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