Bold and the Beautiful 06-07-21 Recap 7th June 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 06-07-21 Recap 7th June 2021

Brooke told Ridge that Liam was arrested for killing Vinny. She told him the kids didn’t know yet. She said Hope was trying to find out what happened. They talked about what led up to the accident. She said this was hard for Liam. Ridge couldn’t believe she said it was hard for Liam. Ridge said a young man lost his life. Steffy and Thomas came in the room. Ridge told them they had something to tell them. He said they knew who killed Vinny.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-07-21 Recap 7th June 2021

Thomas fumes after learning from Ridge that Liam killed Vinny. Hope begs Justin to find a way to get Liam out of jail.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-07-21 Recap 7th June 2021

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Thomas asked Ridge if they found who killed Vinny. Brooke told Thomas to listen to what happened before he reacted to the news. She said it was an accident. Thomas said the person left Vinny to die. She said it wasn’t intentional. Ridge and Brooke said they knew who killed Vinny. Steffy wanted Ridge to tell them who it was. Ridge said it was Liam. Thomas and Steffy were shocked. Steffy thought the police got it wrong. Brooke said it was Liam. Ridge said he confessed to Chief Baker. Steffy didn’t know why Liam wouldn’t have said something about it. Thomas said Liam didn’t care what happened. He said Liam treated Vinny like he was an animal.

Brooke told Thomas and Steffy that she just found out about it. She said Hope also just found out about it. Thomas said Liam was lying to Hope too. Brooke said Bill was involved in it too. She said he was in the passenger seat. Ridge asked why they didn’t stay. Brooke said Bill put Liam in the car after he passed out and drove off. Thomas was upset. Brooke said Hope was at the jail with Liam.

Steffy and Thomas wondered why Liam didn’t come forward. Brooke said Bill wouldn’t let him. She said it was a terrible accident. She wanted to make Thomas realize that Liam didn’t mean to kill Vinny. Thomas said he has talked to Liam several times about wanting the person to pay for what he or she did to Vinny and Liam didn’t say anything. Steffy was afraid that Kelly would have to see Liam in prison for the rest of his life. Brooke said they couldn’t happen. She said she was sorry for Thomas’ loss, but she wanted him to think of Hope. She said Hope doesn’t want her family torn apart by what happened.

Hope went to see Liam in jail. She told him the kids were okay. He was afraid of what they would tell them. She wanted to worry about getting him out of there. She showed him things the kids did for him. She said he was a good man and didn’t belong in jail. Justin showed up to see Liam. Liam told him he tried to keep Bill out of it. Justin said he was surprised Bill didn’t tell him what was going on. He said Bill told him everything. Justin said they both admitted to being guilty, but he was going to do what he could to get them out of there. Justin wanted to know what happened that night.

Hope told Justin that Bill did the cover up while Liam was passed out. She said he was the criminal. Justin didn’t like how Bill got rid of Vinny’s wallet and phone. Liam said Bill was trying to protect him. Justin said he understood why Bill wanted to get rid of the car. He said he wished Liam waited for him before he answered Baker’s questions. Liam said it wasn’t looking good for him and Bill. Hope said Liam shouldn’t have to pay for what Bill did. Justin told her Liam had time to say something when he woke up. She said Liam didn’t do anything wrong. She asked for Justin to help him.

When Justin left, Hope told Liam that she loved him. She said he was brave to do what he did. He thanked her for what she said. She said they weren’t finished making memories. She said she would make sure the judge and jury knew he made the right decision. She said she was going to fight for him. 

Bold and the Beautiful 06-07-21 Recap 7th June 2021.


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