Bold and the Beautiful 06-08-21 Recap 8th June 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 06-08-21 Recap 8th June 2021

Victoria wondered why Billy wasn’t afraid of what Victor was going to do after he published another article. Billy said he ran into Victor who didn’t care about what he was doing. He said Victor’s attitude was a tell. Billy said he wasn’t letting his guard down.

Adam suggested to Victor that they do investigative reporting. He said different areas needed to be covered. He said it would set them apart from the others. Victor wanted to know why he didn’t want to go after Chance Communications and Billy the way they planned. Adam said he wanted to do it at first. Victor wanted ti know what changed his mind.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-08-21 Recap 8th June 2021

Flo is stunned to hear from Paris that Shauna and Carter had an affair. Carter’s guilt gets the best of him while working with Eric.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-08-21 Recap 8th June 2021

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Adam told Victor he changed. Adam said he had a chance to turn things around. Victor thought that was great, but Adam tried to ruin his life. Adam said going back and forth would make him look vindictive. He said he wanted to beat Billy by leaving him in the dust. Victor like the plan, but he wanted to wipe the floor with Billy.

Adam told Victor that going after Billy could set things back with Nick. Victor said Nick doesn’t like Billy. Victor said if they let this go, it would embolde Billy. Adam told Victor that he wanted him to be in charge for a reason. Adam wanted Victor to let him handle things his own way. Victor was willing to do it for now.

Amanda introduced Devon to Denise. Denise said she had her notes from when she worked on Richard’s case. She said a relative of the foster child’s family had their old records in the attic. Denise said the case felt like it wasn’t finished. She said she wanted to find the girl and let her know her father was desperate to find his daughter.

When Denise left, Amanda and Devon looked through her foster parents’ records. Amanda hoped there would be a record of a meeting with Richard. She saw Richard’s name on a calendar. She figured out the meeting was set for after he died. She couldn’t believe he was close enough to find her. She said her life could have been different. Devon said Richard sounded like a great guy.

Devon said he knew how painful this was for Amanda. They realized that the information wasn’t helpful for the case. Devon said Sutton had her hands tied. Amanda said she could have proved reasonable doubt if he would let her. She said Richard was calling Sutton’s campaign office for information about his daughter. He didn’t call to accuse him of a crime or corruption. She said it would ruin the prosecution’s case.

Devon wondered why Sutton wss against using the information. Amanda didn’t understand either. She said they only had Imani’s word to go by. Devon thought it was weird that Sutton wasn’t getting in touch with his head attorney. Devon thought there was more going on. He said something didn’t seem right. Amanda agreed with him. She thought Sutton’s pride may cost him the case.

Victoria was glad Billy didn’t reveal that she was his source to Victor. Billy said the last thing he wanted was for her father to find out she told him about Ashland. He said she wouldn’t trust him with a story again. He said he was doing his best not to throw people under the bus. She wondered if Lily had anything to do with the change.

Victoria told Billy that she was starting to do things differently. She ended up getting a call from Ashland. She told him she had a good time at dinner. She wanted to have dinner again. When she got off the phone, Billy warned her about Ashland. She told him to live his life and she would live hers.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-08-21 Recap 8th June 2021.


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