Bold and the Beautiful 06-10-21 Recap 10th June 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 06-10-21 Recap 10th June 2021

Paris overheard Shauna and Quinn talking about the secret. Quinn said she was grateful for her friendship. She said she was tempted to let Shauna tell Flo the truth. Shauna told her she wasn’t going to let her lose her marriage. She said no one would know Quinn was the one who slept with Carter.

Zoe met Carter at his place. He wanted to put the past behind them. She said they have become stronger because of their issues. She said she would never take him for granted again. She said they hurt each other but got through it. He said almost. He said he had to say something. He pulled out the engagement ring. He said he hoped she would say yes.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-10-21 Recap 10th June 2021

Attempting to move forward, Carter re-proposes to Zoe. Paris determines to get to the truth.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-10-21 Recap 10th June 2021

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Carter told Zoe a lot has happened since he first proposed. It said it was a lot of hurt and a lot of growth. He said he wanted a life with her. She said yes. He said he couldn’t wait to add a wedding band. She asked if he was sure about this. She said they couldn’t take anymore lies. He said nothing could come between them.

Shauna left Flo a message apologizing for not telling her about Carter. When she got off the phone, Paris walked in the room. Shauna asked her if she was looking for Quinn, she went to be with her husband. Paris said she wanted to talk to Quinn, but she wanted to talk to Shauna first.

Shauna told Paris that Zoe had nothing to worry about. Paris asked if she told the truth about the night Zoe found Carter in bed with another woman. She asked if it was a lie. She said it wasn’t adding up. She said Zoe told her that Shauna picked up the jacket and confessed. Paris said Quinn was there when she did that. She said Quinn was a woman Shauna would do anything for including lying to her daughter.

When Shauna was about to leave, Paris said she knew the truth. Paris said the woman in Carter’s bed was the woman she thought was helping her. She said it waa Eric’s wife. Shauna tried to deny it, but Paris told her she heard everything. Shauna said it was Quinn.

Shauna told Paris that Quinn and Carter needed to be comforted. Paris said Quinn betrayed her husband. She said her sister thought Quinn was helping her. Shauna said Quinn wanted Zoe to be with Carter. Shauna said two couples would be ruined if Paris said anything.

Paris said the truth made things stronger. Shauna asked if sje wanted to be the one to break up Zoe and Carter again. Shauna asked her to promise not to say anything. She said nobody had to know. She wanted Paris to promise her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 06-10-21 Recap 10th June 2021.


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