Bold and the Beautiful 06-14-21 Recap 14th June 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 06-14-21 Recap 14th June 2021

Thomas went to see Liam. Thomas said he killed Vinny. Liam said Vinny was dead because of him. Thomas said he at least owned it. Liam said Vinny came out of nowhere and he hit him. He said Vinny was dead and he wasn’t going to get over it. He asked Thomas to tell him he knew that.

Shauna told Quinn that Paris knows about her and Carter. Quinn asked if Eric knew. Shauna said she was probably telling Paris. Zoe told Paris that Quinn has been a good friend to her. Paris kept trying to tell her about Quinn, but Zoe kept cutting her off to tell her how happy she was. Zoe asked Paris to share in her joy and be happy with her.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-14-21 Recap 14th June 2021

Quinn panics when Paris learns about her and Carter. Liam stuns Thomas with a special request.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-14-21 Recap 14th June 2021

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Quinn told Shauna that this couldn’t be happening. Quinn said she could lose everything. She went to find Paris before she ruined her life. Zoe told Paris that she was grateful for her second chance with Carter. She said she learned her lesson and wouldn’t be looking at another man. She was going to honor him the way he honored her. Zoe got a message that she was needed for a fitting. She asked Paris what she wanted to tell her. Paris said it could wait. She told Zoe that she was on her side.

Thomas told Liam that he tried and convicted Vinny for changing the paternity results. Thomas said Vinny wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. He said he was trying to help him. He said Vinny was the best friend he ever had. Liam apologized to him. He said he was more sorry than he could know. He said Vinny’s death was an accident. Thomas asked if that was his story. Liam said it was the truth. He said he and Bill didn’t come forward sooner. Thomas said he was questioned by the police and didn’t say anything. He asked why Liam didn’t come forward and tell the truth.

Paris thought about Quinn confessing to sleeping with Carter. Quinn went to see Paris. Paris said she wished she didn’t hear it. Quinn said it was wrong and she felt terrible. She asked if Paris told Zoe. Paris asked what she thought. Quinn wanted a heads up. Paris said she hasn’t told Paris or anyone else. Quinn thanked her. Paris told her not to thank her yet. She wanted to know how she ended up in bed with Carter when she was team Zoe.

Thomas wanted to know why Liam didn’t say anything. Liam said no one would believe it. He said his father convinced him that he had motive because of the paternity test. Thomas said he wasn’t the person to cover up an accident. He said he would tell people. He asked Liam what happened to him. Liam said he didn’t know. Thomas wanted to understand. Liam said he should have gone to the police when his father covered it up. He said he didn’t know what kind of person he became. He said he didn’t know how long he was going to be in prison.

Quinn said she tried to help Zoe. Paris said by getting in bed with Carter. Quinn said Zoe hurt Carter and she was there for him. She said nothing was going to happen again. She said Zoe was happy and engaged. She said not to take it away from her. Paris told her not to do that. Quinn said it was over between her and Carter. She said they wanted to move on with the people who loved them. Quinn said she wanted to protect Zoe, but she shouldn’t. She said Zoe hasn’t been the best sister for her. She told Paris about Zoe spiking her smoothie. Paris asked if Zoe sabotaged her that night. Paris asked why she should believe her. She said it didn’t change how she slept with Carter. Quinn said Eric and Zoe didn’t need to know. She asked Paris not to hurt them.

Paris told Quinn that Eric was a wonderful person. She said Carter was too. She said no matter what happened between her and Zoe, she loved her sister. Quinn told her he wouldn’t understand. Paris said she could tell the truth and save her marriage. Quinn said Eric wouldn’t understand. She offered to help Paris move up in the company. Paris said she didn’t need her help. Quinn said Eric would be destroyed if the truth came out. She got on her knees and begged her not to say anything.

Thomas told Liam that it didn’t make him happy that he was in prison. He said it would hurt Hope and the kids. Liam said he wasn’t going to give up trying to get back to Hope. Thomas said Bill would be able to get him out of prison. Liam said he wasn’t trying to get out of paying for what he did. Liam said he didn’t know how long he was going to be in prison. He asked Thomas to be there for Hope and the kids until he found a way to protect them. Thomas said he would be there for Hope and the kids. 

Bold and the Beautiful 06-14-21 Recap 14th June 2021.


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