Bold and the Beautiful 06-23-21 Recap 23rd June 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 06-23-21 Recap 23rd June 2021

Hope and Steffy talked about what to tell the kids about Liam. Hope blamed Bill for their kids losing their father. Bill told Katie that Justin was going to get him and Liam out of jail. Justin was sitting at Bill’s desk. Hope asked Steffy how they were going to tell their kids that Liam was in prison. Steffy was wondering how to do it herself. Hope said they wouldn’t understand. Steffy said that it was a horrible accident and that Bill turned it into a crime. Katie wondered why Bill and Liam couldn’t get out on bail. Bill told her that they were considered flight risks. She said that Will needed him. He said he told Justin to do his job and get them out.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-23-21 Recap 23rd June 2021

Emotions run high when Katie visits Dollar Bill in jail. Justin comes into his own at Spencer while Bill and Liam are indisposed.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-23-21 Recap 23rd June 2021

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Justin looked at the video that Vinny sent to Thomas. He deleted the video from the phone. Wyatt walked in the office just after he deleted the video. Wyatt asked him if he had a plan to get Bill and Liam out of jail. He said they were all counting on him to get them out. Wyatt asked him if he had a plan. Hope and Steffy continued to talk about Liam and Bill. They continued to blame Bill for what happened. Hope said that Bill thought the rules didn’t apply to him and no one would hold him accountable. Hope said that Bill didn’t know Liam well enough because he should have known he wouldn’t keep quiet.

Katie wanted to know what defense Justin planned on using for Bill and Liam. He didn’t want her to worry about it. She wanted to make sure everything was done to help them. He said that they confessed so there wasn’t much that could be done. Bill wondered why Vinny was on the road that night. He mentioned that he was a drug dealer. He wanted Justin to do everything to get them out. Wyatt continued to ask Justin about what he planned to do to help Bill and Liam. Justin told him that he was working on a defense for them. Wyatt said that Bill trusted him and he never let him down before. He said his family was counting him to help them. Justin said he would make the situation right.

Katie wondered if Justin could really get Bill and Liam off. She didn’t know what to tell Will. He said to tell him that Spencer men never give up. She said Will was at that age where kids talked. He wanted to know if Will was being bullied. She said he wasn’t, but they will eventually start doing it. He assured her that he would be out and didn’t want her to give up hope. Hope told Steffy that Justin’s loyalty to Bill was unlike anything she’s ever seen. Steffy wondered if that was a good thing. She said it was good for Bill. She was afraid Liam would get lost in the shuffle. She told Steffy that Justin’s meeting with Liam didn’t make her feel hopeful. Hope said that the police were going to charge Liam with murder.

Thomas was locked up in a cage. Justin showed up to see Thomas. He wanted to know why he was locked in a cage. Thomas thought about his last conversation with Justin. Thomas said he was the one who locked him in the cage. Thomas told Justin that Vinny targeted Liam. He wanted to go and get Liam and Bill out of jail. He said Hope and Steffy needed to know the truth. He wanted to go to the police. Thomas said he told Justin what happened. He said it wasn’t a murder. It was an accident. He wanted to get Bill and Liam out of jail. He demanded that Justin let him go. Justin said it wasn’t going to happen. He said Bill and Liam would be out of jail. Thomas realized that Justin wanted Bill’s company. 

Bold and the Beautiful 06-23-21 Recap 23rd June 2021.


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