Bold and the Beautiful 06-24-21 Recap 24th June 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 06-24-21 Recap 24th June 2021

Brook, Ridge, and Steffy talked about Liam being in jail. They couldn’t believe he was there. They didn’t know what to tell the girls. Steffy talked about Liam staying quiet about it until the guilt took over him. Ridge told them that they had to be realistic about the situation. He said they were in trouble. They talked about Bill. Ridge hoped he stayed in jail. Brook knew Bill messed up. Ridge got upset and reminded her how he had him thrown out of a helicopter. Steffy said Liam as well as all of them were being punished for Bill’s stupidity. She felt they should be worried about that.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-24-21 Recap 24th June 2021

Thomas appeals to Justin’s sense of decency. Reunited in prison, Bill and Liam discuss Justin’s plan to set them free.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-24-21 Recap 24th June 2021

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Thomas wanted Justin to let hin out of the cage. He didn’t care what he was up to. He wanted to talk to Hope and Justin should talk to the judge. He asked him if he wanted Bill and Liam to be in jail for life. Justin told him that he didn’t know anything. Thomas said that Vinny planned his death, but Justin didn’t seem to care. Justin told him that he wasn’t going to talk about his clients’ case. He did say that Bill and Liam would be in jail for life. Thomas said Vinny’s death wasn’t Liam’s fault. He started screaming for someone to help him. Justin let him know that no one would hear him screaming. He said Thomas wasn’t part of the plan. He said he was going to ruin things. Justin admitted that this was about Bill.

Thomas couldn’t stand Bill either, but he wanted to help him. He said he was Bill’s friend. He said they were friends but he became more of a fixer. He said he degraded him. He was more mad at himself for letting it happen. He wasn’t sure what he would do to Thomas now that he’s involved. He tried to reason with Justin, but it didn’t work. He was determined to make Bill pay. He said to let Liam go free. He said that if he let Liam go free than no crime was committed. He didn’t want Bill to get out of prison. Thomas wanted him to think about the lives that would be ruined if he kept up with his plan. Thomas assured him that they could fix things. He was willing to act as if nothing happened.

Liam and Bill talked about their situation in the prison yard. Bill didn’t understand what was taking Justin so long to get them out of jail. He warned him not to do anything to ruin their chances of getting released. Bill assured him that they were going home. He said Justin never let him down before. He said Justin would get them out of jail. Liam wished there was some evidence to prove Vinny’s death was an accident. He felt like someone knew what happened that night. He wanted to be there the next time he met with Justin. He wanted all of the updates. Bill wanted to take care of everything.

Bold and the Beautiful 06-24-21 Recap 24th June 2021.


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