Bold and the Beautiful 07-22-21 Recap 22nd July 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 07-22-21 Recap 22nd July 2021

Carter arrived at the office and Ridge told him that he looked like he was entertaining a woman. Paris began to move her things in Steffy’s place. Steffy and Finn were more than willing to welcome her into the house. Wyatt asked Quinn how she managed to screw up and sabotage her marriage. Eric thought Ridge put Carter on the spot asking him about being with a woman. Eric just wanted to make sure that Carter honored the conditions of the agreement. He wanted to make sure that Carter stayed away from Quinn.

Bold and the Beautiful 07-22-21 Recap 22nd July 2021

Carter saves something precious of Quinn’s from being destroyed. Wyatt demands answers from Quinn about her erratic behavior.

Bold and the Beautiful 07-22-21 Recap 22nd July 2021

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Paris appreciated Steffy and Finn letting her stay with them. They were happy to help her. They warned her about the noise from the kids. She was happy to be around it. Wyatt told Quinn that Eric was the most important thing to her and she let it slip away. She said the most important thing was her son. She admitted that she destroyed her marriage. Flo asked her if it was possible for Eric to get back together with her. She said that her marriage was over. She said they saw Eric’s face when he found out the truth. She said she only had herself to blame for what happened. Wyatt asked her if she ended her involvement with Carter.

Eric didn’t want Quinn to be an issue with Carter. Ridge told Eric that he agreed to stay away from her. Eric said he didn’t want anything to do with Quinn. He decided to terminate the jewelry line. Carter seemed surprised by his decision. Wyatt wanted to know if Quinn was still with Carter. She managed not to answer the question. Flo wanted to know if she was worried about her job. She didn’t think she would lose her job because her jewelry line did well.

Eric didn’t care about Quinn’s jewelry line. He thought they could make the money some other way. Carter reminded him that the line made the company millions of dollars. He wanted him to put his differences aside and keep Quinn’s line alive. Ridge agreed with his father and didn’t think that Quinn should be in the building. He thought Carter had a point too. He said that they would lose a lot of money. Eric didn’t want her in the building. Carter suggested that Quinn work outside of the office. Eric liked the idea and wanted him to get the contract started immediately. Eric and Ridge left the office so Carter called Quinn. He told her that he needed to see her. She wasn’t sure it was a good idea. He wanted her to meet him at his place. Wyatt wanted to know what was going on with her.

Bold and the Beautiful 07-22-21 Recap 22nd July 2021.


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