Bold and the Beautiful 07-23-21 Recap 23rd July 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 07-23-21 Recap 23rd July 2021

Wyatt wanted to know what his mother was keeping from him. Quinn said she wasn’t hiding anything and noticed a text from Carter letting her know he was on his way home. She appreciated his concern, but she had to leave. Wyatt yelled at someone on the phone and threatened the person that Bill would get involved. He was glad that Bill and Liam were free so he could focus on his mother. Flo agreed that Quinn was acting strange. She understood how she fell for Carter. She thought he was gorgeous. Wyatt didn’t like hearing her go on about Carter. She told him she loved him. He asked her if she approved of his mother’s actions because he gave his mother the time of day.

Bold and the Beautiful 07-23-21 Recap 23rd July 2021

Quinn and Carter share an epic and defining moment.

Bold and the Beautiful 07-23-21 Recap 23rd July 2021

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Flo didn’t think it was okay for Quinn to cheat on Eric, but she mentioned how he wasn’t being attentive to her. She told him that all women want to feel desired. She assured him that she would never cheat on him no matter how hot she thought the guy was. Carter read Quinn’s text and she let him know she was on her way to hid place. Ridge and Brooke showed up and she found out that Eric was keeping Quinn’s jewelry line. Ridge knew it would be more paperwork for Carter, but he was fine with it. He said he would take care of everything regarding Quinn. Carter left the room.

Brooke wasn’t happy that Eric decided to keep the jewelry line. She wondered if Carter talked Eric into keeping the line. Ridge didn’t say anything, but she knew based on his reaction. Brooke said the line was successful, but she wanted Quinn gone from Forrester. She was okay with it as long as she was banned from the building. Ridge knew it was a mess, but he thought Carter did them a favor after all. He said Quinn showed her true colors to everyone. She agreed with Ridge. She thought he did them a favor because Quinn would be alone for the rest of her life. Brooke didn’t think she was capable of loving anyone but herself.

Quinn went to see Carter. She reminded him that they couldn’t see each other. He couldn’t keep his hands off of her. She put space between them. He told her what happened at the meeting with Eric and Ridge. She couldn’t believe he saved her line. She was about to hug him, but she decided not to do it. She didn’t want him to lose his job because of her. She told him that she wasn’t worth it. He thought she was worth it. He kissed her. They stopped kissing and she told him they had to be strong. She knew one kiss would lead to more and she wanted to protect him. He’s thankful that she was looking out for him, but he couldn’t forget about their connection. They kissed each other again. 

Bold and the Beautiful 07-23-21 Recap 23rd July 2021.


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