Bold and the Beautiful 07-26-21 Recap 26th July 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 07-26-21 Recap 26th July 2021

Quinn and Carter talked about how they couldn’t stop being together. Quinn thought they should stop being together, but she couldn’t stop being with him either. Steffy asked Ridge how Eric was doing. She couldn’t stand what Quinn did to Eric. Ridge said that he thought Quinn couldn’t do anything wrong and the affair threw him. She said that she couldn’t stand what she did. Ridge thought Quinn was out of their lives for good. Flo brought legal documents for Eric.

Bold and the Beautiful 07-26-21 Recap 26th July 2021

Paris explains her new living situation to Zende; and Carter and Quinn give into their passion regardless of the consequence.

Bold and the Beautiful 07-26-21 Recap 26th July 2021

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Carter and Quinn continued to hold each other. She noticed their hearts were beating together. She said if only they could be together. She also said she didn’t want it to end. They began to make love. Paris told Zende about moving in with Steffy and Finn. He wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. She said it was great to be around people. Paris sang Finn’s praises a lot. Steffy told Flo that Carter wasn’t in to take the papers. Ridge said he would do it. Steffy wanted to look at the divorce papers. Ridge didn’t want to stop the divorce.

Quinn told Carter he would lose everything if anyone found out they were together. Carter agreed he would lose everything and thought it was a risk she shouldn’t have taken. She knew it was risk being with him, but she couldn’t stay away from him. They kissed again. Ridge called Carter to tell him about the paperwork for the divorce. Carter said he was expecting them. Ridge told Carter that Eric loved her and she broke his heart. He said he would put them on his desk. Ridge wanted to know if he was going back to work. He said he wasn’t going back yet.

Steffy wondered if it was a good idea for Carter to be the one who worked on the divorce. Ridge said Quinn was the one who broke her marriage vows. Quinn felt guilty about what she did to Eric. Carter reminded her that Eric didn’t want to be with her. She wondered if Eric was with another woman since he said he was moving on with his life. Carter wanted to know if it would bother her that he did move on with his life. She said it would hurt her if he did move on because she loved him. She knew they didn’t have a future together. Carter wondered if they did have a future together. She wanted to stay in her arms forever.

Bold and the Beautiful 07-26-21 Recap 26th July 2021.


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