Bold and the Beautiful 08-02-21 Recap 2nd August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-02-21 Recap 2nd August 2021

Eric talked to Ridge, Brooke and Thomas about Steffy’s hesitancy about getting married. They talked about Finn’s parents. Brooke thought they would be great since Finn is a good man. Thomas didn’t think that was necessarily true because of the way he was. Eric was happy the family had some good news lately. Thomas wanted to know if he was okay. Eric was dealing with it. He talked about all of the heartbreak they’ve all faced. He thought his family would be what he needed to get through that terrible experience. He thought Steffy getting married and his new great grandchild would help him put things in perspective.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-02-21 Recap 2nd August 2021

Steffy learns a secret about Finn’s past. Finn and Steffy announce their impending wedding to their families.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-02-21 Recap 2nd August 2021

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Steffy let Jack and Li know how happy was to meet them. They were glad Finn found someone that made him happy. Li was so happy about the baby. She said could stare at her grandson for hours. Finn told Steffy how his parents inspired him. He couldn’t ask for better parents or a fiancee. They wanted to meet Kelly and Steffy’s family.

Steffy and Finn arrived at Forrest while Eric and Ridge were talking about designs. They introduced Finn’s parents to the Forresters. Finn informed them that he was adopted. Finn and Steffy announced they were getting married right away. Ridge asked Steffy if she told her mother about the ceremony. She said she did, but Taylor couldn’t get away. She did say that she wanted to see her grandson. Steffy posted her wedding announcement on the office screen. Jack was worried about them posting the announcement online for everyone to see. Steffy sent the announcement out. Everyone seemed happy except Jack.

Someone who is offscreen got an alert from Forrester Creations about the upcoming wedding. The person clicked on the announcement. The person stared at Finn’s picture. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-02-21 Recap 2nd August 2021.


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