Bold and the Beautiful 08-06-21 Recap 6th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-06-21 Recap 6th August 2021

The minister asked if anyone had any objections to Steffy and Finn getting married. Jack was nervous as he looked toward the door. No onw objected so they continued the ceremony. Hope spoke about the children bringing them together. She thought the wedding was a reflection of Steffy’s love for her family. She welcomed Finn’s parents. She teased Finn and wanted to know his dark secrets. She said that Finn was kind and honorable. She told him that he was marrying someone equally wonderful. Steffy and Hope hugged each other.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-06-21 Recap 6th August 2021

Tensions rise when a mystery woman arrives at the Forrester Mansion. The Forrester wedding of the century commences.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-06-21 Recap 6th August 2021

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Steffy and Finn exchanged their vows. He was excited to be there with Steffy in front of their families. He talked about her beauty. He was going to be someone she could depend on and he would be by her side. He told her that he loved her. Steffy expressed her love for Finn. She told him about his parenting skills. She told him how he grabbed her heart and she couldn’t wait to get to know his parents. She wanted to know everything about him.

Everyone celebrated during the reception. Steffy and Finn couldn’t believe they were married. Eric was happy to see them together. Hope was happy that the conflict is finally behind them. Pam appreciated seeing Stephanie’s portrait on the wall. She talked about how Steffy was like her grandmother. Steffy thanked everyone who made it to the wedding. Finn thought it was great to be welcomed into the Forrester family. Finn told Steffy that he had to go to the guesthouse to check on a patient. Ridge hugged Steffy and told her that nothing would ruin the day.

Finn was in the guesthouse and heard someone tell him congratulations. Finn thought he was alone. He didn’t recognize her. He wanted to know who she was. She said she was his mother. Sheila walked towards him and told him that she was his mother. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-06-21 Recap 6th August 2021.


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