Bold and the Beautiful 08-09-21 Recap 9th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-09-21 Recap 9th August 2021

Sheila revealed herself to Finn. She told him that she’s his mother. Steffy talked to her guests at the wedding about whether she would take a honeymoon with Finn. Paris wondered what happened to Finn. She said he was on the phone with a patient. Jack and Li talked to Ridge, Brooke and Eric about Steffy and Finn. Li thanked them for the lovely wedding. Ridge was happy the wedding went off without a hitch. Paris talked to Steffy about how the wedding went off without a hitch. Steffy credited Hope for why it went off without a hitch.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-09-21 Recap 9th August 2021

Finn learns a shocking secret about his past. A significant bombshell drops at Steffy and Finn’s wedding reception.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-09-21 Recap 9th August 2021

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Ridge and Brooke talked to Jack and Li about Forrester weddings having drama. Eric told them how Ridge and Brooke loved each other. Jack seemed to be worried about something. Finn was shocked to find out Sheila was his birth mother. She said she was his birth mother. She knew it was a shock to him, but she couldn’t stay away from him. She wanted to see her son on his wedding day. Li talked to the guests about being proud of Finn. She talked about how she loved him as if she’d given birth to him. She knew his birth mother would be proud that he married Steffy. She wondered if the birth mother thought about him.

Sheila told Finn that she shouldn’t have revealed herself to him that way. She knew she was a stranger to him, but she wasn’t. She said she gave birth to him and regretted giving him up. She had to see him on his wedding day. She wanted to let him know that she never forgot about him. She said she followed his life and career from a far. She was so proud of his accomplishments. She was happy that he was a doctor. He told her that he was trying to wrap his head around what she told him. She understood because it was a lot to take in right now. He wasn’t expecting it on his wedding day. He wanted to know why she told him about it now. She didn’t blame him for questioning it. She wanted to see him on his special day. She knew he was marrying a great woman like Steffy. She was happy that he was a father and that she was a grandmother. She said he would have the most amazing life. She wanted to be a part of it. She knew it wasn’t possible. She said she should leave. He didn’t seem to want her to go. She said that she never stopped loving him and never would stop.

Jack didn’t want to focus on Finn’s birth mother. He wanted to focus on the wedding. Everyone wanted to get the reception started. Steffy said he wanted to help his patients. She said he was a good man and that was the type of man Jack and Li raised. Sheila realized it was selfish to show up on Finn’s wedding day. She said the wedding invitation and realized she couldn’t miss the important day. Finn asked her why he never heard from her. She apologized for not getting in touch with him. She knew he was being loved by an incredible family and she didn’t want to disrupt it. She didn’t want to be a terrible influence on his life. She never stopped loving him. She was proud of the man he became. She said she wasn’t able to raise him. She said she still wasn’t capable of being with him. She said she wanted to go. He didn’t want her to go. He wanted her to meet his wife and the family. He said it was the greatest day of his life and she appeared. He said he had a great life, but he thought about meeting his birth mother. He couldn’t believe she was there. He refused to let her leave.

Sheila didn’t know how Finn could forgive her for what she did. He said there was nothing to forgive. He didn’t understand why she would want to leave after meeting him. She wanted to do what was right so she wanted to leave. He told her how he fantasized about meeting her. He hugged her. He wanted her to meet Steffy and the family. She said there were things she did in her life that she regretted. She said it was a happy day and she didn’t want to be the one who ruined it. He said she would make the day better. Steffy texted him about when he was coming back. She told him to go back to the wedding and not tell anyone about her. He refused to do that. He wanted her to meet Steffy and the family.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-09-21 Recap 9th August 2021.


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