Bold and the Beautiful 08-10-21 Recap 10th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-10-21 Recap 10th August 2021

Everyone at the Forrester mansion was shocked to see Sheila. Eric called out her name. She smiled smugly and looked at Stephanie’s portrait. Finn hoped they were okay with her being there. Brooke demanded that she leave. Steffy wanted to know what she was doing there. Finn said that he had some amazing news.

Donna and Katie talked about what Eric went through with Quinn. They talked about Steffy’s wedding. Donna couldn’t believe there would be a Forrester wedding without any drama. They talked about Finn’s parents and noticed Sheila’s picture. Donna thought Quinn was bad. She thought Sheila was worse. She couldn’t believe Eric married her. Katie thought she was the best wife for Eric. Donna didn’t want her to tell Brooke. They agreed that Brooke was meant for Ridge.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-10-21 Recap 10th August 2021

Katie and Donna stroll down memory lane while looking at old photo albums. Chaos ensues at the reception at the Forrester Mansion.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-10-21 Recap 10th August 2021

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Katie and Donna went down memory lane about Eric and Sheila. They thought Sheila was a nightmare. They didn’t think they could ever let down their guard around her. Katie remembered Sheila’s ugly behavior. She thought about Sheila shooting Stephanie, drowning Taylor and killing Lance with bees. Donna never wanted to see her again. Katie said they hadn’t seen her in a while and wanted it to stay that way.

Eric told Sheila that she wasn’t welcomed in his home. Finn was confused by everyone’s behavior and wanted to know what happened. Sheila was about to leave when Finn stopped her. The Forresters wanted her to leave, but he said it was a gathering for family and friends. Steffy said that she wasn’t either one. Brooke wanted to know what lie she told him to crash the wedding. Finn said he wanted her to stay. He said they would want her to stay once they found out the news. Everyone wanted her to go. They thought Finn needed protection from her. Brooke wondered if he wanted to know the truth in the living room. Sheila warned him that he was going to hear some terrible things about her. He wanted to share his news.

Li went to Finn and assured him that she would always be his mother. He said he questioned who he was. Li wished she could tell him about his mother but they weren’t given any info about his birth parents. He said his birth mother thought about him all of the time. He said she made herself known today. He said Sheila announced she was his mother. He announced that Sheila was his birth mother. Steffy wasn’t happy about the news.

Sheila said she did bad things, but wanted to see her son. People were talking about getting a paternity test. Finn believed she was telling the truth. Steffy thought she was lying. She thought Sheila was conning Finn. Jack said it wasn’t a con. He announced she was telling the truth. Li wanted to know how he knew she was telling the truth. He said Sheila got in touch with him years ago. Finn was mad that he knew and didn’t say anything. Jack didn’t want that life for him. He said the Forresters were telling the truth about Sheila. He said she wasn’t the person he would want in his life. He hoped she wouldn’t show up on his wedding day.

Steffy couldn’t believe Sheila was Finn’s mother. Sheila was happy to tell her that she’s her mother-in-law. Steffy was shocked. Sheila smugly looked at Stephanie’s portrait. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-10-21 Recap 10th August 2021.


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