Bold and the Beautiful 08-11-21 Recap 11th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-11-21 Recap 11th August 2021

Sheila told Steffy that she was her mother-in-law. She said they were family now. She said her blood was flowing through Finn and Hayes. Brooke thought Sheila was lying so she got upset. She asked if she was accusing her of running a con on them. She said she was telling the truth. She met her son. She said she gained a daughter too. Steffy wasn’t happy about it.

Sheila told everyone at the reception that she didn’t intend to interrupt the ceremony. She said Finn was the one who convinced her to stay for the reception. Brooke told her that she manipulated him to do it. Li confronted Jack about not telling her that Sheila met him before. He didn’t want to stress her out. Sheila smirked while Jack was talking. Ridge was upset that Jack knew the lunatic who was obsessed with his family was Finn’s mother and he didn’t say anything. Jack knew there was bad blood with her, but he didn’t know how bad it was. Ridge intended to tell him everything about her.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-11-21 Recap 11th August 2021

Donna makes a confession to Katie about Eric. Steffy is angry, and Finn is torn at how their pasts are intertwined.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-11-21 Recap 11th August 2021

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Sheila told everyone that she paid for her crimes. Eric didn’t think it was long enough. Ridge wondered if Finn and his parents knew about Sheila and were using Steffy. They denied the accusation. Ridge thought it was quite a coincidence that she showed up for the wedding. Ridge asked Finn again if he was using Steffy. Steffy wanted Finn to answer her father. Finn said he wanted to know his birth mother, but he didn’t know Sheila was his mother. Eric planned on telling him everything about Sheila.

Hope and Liam wanted to take the girls home. Sheila mentioned them taking Hayes too, but Steffy told her not to say his name. Sheila wanted to meet him, but Steffy said she would never meet him. Finn thought she was being harsh to her. Eric told him that she threatened Thomas when he was a child and tried to kill Stephanie. Finn was shocked by that. He wanted to know if she really did that. Sheila tried to explain what happened. She blamed the Forresters for the way they treated her. She said Stephanie hated her for marrying Eric. She said Stephanie was sick. Eric told her that she was the one who was sick.

Finn was shocked by what he heard. Brooke said he would never understand what Sheila did. He said she went to prison so maybe, but Steffy interrupted him to let him know he had no idea what she did to his family. She told him that she pulled a gun on her grandmother and shot her mother. He couldn’t believe his birth mother tried to kill Steffy’s mother. Sheila admitted that she did the things they said. She knew she shot Taylor but she said it wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t fight for the gun. Brooke reminded her that she was pointing the gun at her. She said she tried to kill both of them.

Jack reminded Li that she’s Finn’s mother. Sheila said that she gave birth to him. She said she had a bond with him they couldn’t break. She said she was connected to Finn, Steffy and Hayes. Steffy thought she knew what she was doing. She didn’t think she cared about Finn. She just wanted to cause chaos. Steffy told her that she wasn’t going to ruin her wedding. She said she would never be part of her family. She said she never wanted to see her again. She slapped Sheila. She smiled at her. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-11-21 Recap 11th August 2021.


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