Bold and the Beautiful 08-12-21 Recap 12th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-12-21 Recap 12th August 2021

Steffy slapped Sheila and she told her that she deserved it. Ridge warned Sheila not to hit Steffy back in retaliation. Brooke thought it was crazy how Sheila showed up claiming to be Finn’s mother. Eric said that Jack and Li were Finn’s parents. He said they were the people who raised him. Steffy agreed with him and said Sheila would never be Hayes’ grandmother.

Sheila said she just went to see Finn. Ridge told her that she wouldn’t hurt his family again. They accused Sheila of trying to ruin the wedding. Eric advised Steffy and Finn not to give her the power to ruin their day. Brooke gives Sheila a piece of her mind. Steffy called Sheila a liar. Finn interruped them and said that Jack met with Sheila. Brooke thought she might have lied about that. Eric didn’t want to see her regardless of whether Sheila’s Finn’s birth mother or not.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-12-21 Recap 12th August 2021

Family and friends provide backup when Ridge makes a demand of an unwelcome guest. An emotional Steffy lays down the law to her new husband on their wedding day.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-12-21 Recap 12th August 2021

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Sheila wanted to tell her side of the story. Brooke was upset. She said she wanted to wish her son well on his wedding day. She wanted to know if it was a crime to do that. Eric said it wasn’t a crime, but she was trespassing. Steffy couldn’t believe she was trying to play the victim. Sheila wanted the best for her son. Brooke thought she would have stayed away if she wanted what was best for him. Jack said Sheila protected Finn for his entire life. Steffy demanded that she get out. Sheila told Finn that they treated her badly. Finn told everyone that he didn’t know about Sheila. He was just in shock about finding out about her.

Sheila finally agreed to leave. She wanted them to tell her grandson that she loved him. Brooke lunged out at Sheila. Ridge showed her the door. Finn couldn’t believe what happened. Jack didn’t want Steffy and Finn to let Sheila ruin things for them. He said Li was his mother and was the reason he became a doctor. He said they had a great future ahead of them. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-12-21 Recap 12th August 2021.


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