Bold and the Beautiful 08-16-21 Recap 16th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-16-21 Recap 16th August 2021

Finn read Sheila’s text again. Steffy wondered if he was fine with her going in the office. She wanted to know about the restaining order was going. She knew Sheila was his mother, but she had to protect Hayes. Finn wasn’t happy about it so she let it go. Paris walked in on them and suggested they go on a trip. Steffy told her that they couldn’t go away right now. Paris understood because Sheila was in town. She was happy it didn’t affect their romance with each other.

Steffy was on her way out and asked Finn to stay away from Sheila. She left and Paris noticed Finn seemed down. He lowered his head. Eric let Ridge know that he hadn’t heard from Carter. Eric was distracted so Ridge thought it was because of the divorce papers. He said it was two signatures and the marriage was over. Eric wasn’t thrilled about it and Ridge noticed it. He knew Eric didn’t take the divorce seriously. Eric wouldn’t do that. They talked about what Quinn did. Eric said she felt rejected. He felt like he pushed her to Carter. Ridge didn’t want him to blame himself for what Quinn did. Ridge blamed Quinn for being with someone else.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-16-21 Recap 16th August 2021

Finn decides to keep an important secret from Steffy.Carter contemplates going public with his relationship with Quinn.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-16-21 Recap 16th August 2021

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Carter and Quinn talked about the restraining order against Sheila. Someone texted Quinn about her divorce. She told Carter that her divorce was finalized. She knew that he knew about it. He admitted he knew, but didn’t know what to say. Carter told her that onve she’s free, he didn’t want to hide their relationship. He didn’t want to sneak around anymore. She was shocked by that. She reminded him that Eric would fire him and he would lose everything. He said he would find another job if he had to do it. He wanted everyone to know they were together. He wanted her to move in with him.

Ridge and Steffy talked about Sheila. He assured her that they would have the restraining order before the day was over. She couldn’t believe Sheila gave birth to a wonderful man like Finn. Quinn arrived at Forrester mansion and surprised Eric. She noticed Stephanie’s portrait was on the wall. He told her that Steffy wanted it up for the wedding. Quinn couldn’t believe what she did to him. She told him that part of her would always love him. He didn’t get her relationship with Carter. She said circumstances are what made the affair. She said she would regret what she did to him for the rest of her life. Eric believed she meant it.

Quinn was about to sign the papers when Eric stopped her. He thought about it and what he did to push her into Carter’s arms. He said everyone deseeved to be forgiven.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-16-21 Recap 16th August 2021.


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