Bold and the Beautiful 08-18-21 Recap 18th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-18-21 Recap 18th August 2021

Carter was surprised to find out that Eric didn’t want the divorce. Quinn told him that Eric changed his mind and wanted to work things out. He couldn’t get over the fact that he wanted Quinn back. She said she was surprised that he changed his mind too. Ridge and Steffy talked about Sheila being Finn’s birth mother. She thought their marriage was perfect and it would be easier if Sheila didn’t come to town. Finn and Paris got nervous when they heard a knock on the door. They thought it might have been Sheila. Finn went to the door and it was Zende.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-18-21 Recap 18th August 2021

Carter and Quinn face an unexpected and significant hurdle.Paris and Finn’s alliance deepens as she promises to keep his secret from Steffy.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-18-21 Recap 18th August 2021

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Quinn continued to talk to Carter about Eric changing his mind about the divorce. She said she loved Eric for a long time and he gave her everything she wanted. She was torn between him and Carter. Steffy told Ridge that she wanted Carter to get the restraining order soon because she didn’t want Sheila around her kids. She said Finn was going to have to cut ties with Sheila. Ridge told Steffy that Finn needed to understand what Sheila was capable of doing. Finn told Zende and Paris about his feelings about Sheila. Zende mentioned how he was adopted too. Paris told Finn that his adoptive parents are the ones who count and not Sheila.

Quinn didn’t know what to do about Eric’s decision. Carter said she was the only one who could make that decision. She said he was a kind and wonderful husband. She thought he was a great man for giving her another chance. Carter agreed that Eric was a remarkable man. She mentioned how Carter was there for her when she was completely alone. She said what they shared was so magical and unforgettable. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if she could go back to Eric. She wasn’t sure if that’s what she wanted. Carter asked her if it’s what she wanted. She didn’t think she could leave him.

Finn asked Paris not to tell Steffy about Sheila reaching out to him. Quinn said she was so confused about Eric. She was happy that Eric wanted to work on their marriage, but she remembered how it felt to be with Carter. He said she knew what needed to be done. Eric called Carter. Eric wanted to know if he still had Quinn’s portrait. He said he put it in storage. Eric wanted him to bring it by the house. He let Carter know that he wasn’t divorcing Quinn. He said he loved her and wanted her back. Eric wanted him to bring the portrait to the house right away. Carter agreed to do it. Carter told Quinn to go back to Eric.



Bold and the Beautiful 08-18-21 Recap 18th August 2021.


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