Bold and the Beautiful 08-19-21 Recap 19th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-19-21 Recap 19th August 2021

Carter told Quinn to go home and be Eric’s wife. She said she knew he loved her. He admitted that he did love her and that he wanted her to know their relationship meant something to him. He told her to go to him. Quinn told him that he couldn’t go to the house with her. He said that he had to take the portrait to Eric. Finn didn’t want Paris to tell Steffy that he responded to Sheila. She said that she wouldn’t tell her. Steffy and Ridge showed up and they wondered if they were talking about Sheila. Sheila looked at her phone and saw the heart emoji from Finn. She thought he loved his mother.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-19-21 Recap 19th August 2021

Quinn and Carter share three magic words.Sheila becomes attached to the idea of becoming a permanent fixture in Finn’s life as the Forresters seek to ban her.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-19-21 Recap 19th August 2021

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Eric was grateful to Carter for taking care of the portrait of Quinn. He asked Carter to help him put the portrait up. He wondered why he wasn’t surprised that he changed his mind. Carter said he did wonder why he changed his mind. He said that he didn’t want to spend his life alone. Carter told him that his family didn’t think Quinn was right for him and that her involvement with him was proof of that.

Jack and Li went to see Steffy and Finn’s place. Jack wanted to apologize for what happened at the wedding. Steffy said he didn’t know Sheila was going to show up. Ridge knew he suspected she would be there. Li couldn’t believe Jack didn’t tell her that he saw her. He said he hadn’t seen her since Finn was little. Sheila did some research about Finn online. Eric said he asked Carter to take care of his divorce to prove that he could trust him. Carter thanked him for giving him a second chance and for giving Quinn a second chance too. Carter was about to leave when Quinn showed up. Eric told her how he shared the good news with Carter. He noticed that she didn’t seem surprised that he was there.

Eric asked Quinn if she knew Carter would be at the house. She said she saw his car in the driveway. He said he asked him to help with something. She noticed her portrait was back on the wall. Eric noticed how awkward it was for the three of them. He wanted to deal with the awkwardness. He realized that he ignored Quinn and pushed her into his arms. He wanted to move on from what happened. He said they proved their commitment and loyalty to him. Jack regretted not saying anything about Sheila now that he knows what type of person she is. Li couldn’t believe the things Sheila did. Jack hoped she was out of their lives.

Sheila read up on Finn. She said he and Steffy had the most beautiful son. She thought about what happened at the reception. Eric didn’t want any tension between him, Quinn and Carter. Carter couldn’t stay and said he would see him at the office. Eric noticed that Quinn was crying. She was amazed to see her portrait back on the wall. She said she was happy to have another chance to be his wife. She said she was still his wife. She said it was unexpected. Ridge said everyone needed to know if Sheila gets in contact with any of them. Steffy didn’t want Sheila near her family. Sheila refused to be cut out of her family’s lives. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-19-21 Recap 19th August 2021.


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