Bold and the Beautiful 08-20-21 Recap 20th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-20-21 Recap 20th August 2021

Steffy let Finn know that she wished someone else was his birth mother. She didn’t mean to obsess over it. He understood because Sheila did terrible things to her family. He knew it was hard to believe she’s her mother-in-law. Jack went to see Sheila. She wondered how he found her. He didn’t think it mattered. He wanted her to leave town immediately. He let her know there was no place for her in Finn’s life. She told him that Finn could make his own decisions. Jack wanted her to leave. She said so much changed. He told her that she wasn’t going to ruin his son’s life. He refused to let her do it.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-20-21 Recap 20th August 2021

Eric, Quinn, and Carter begin a new chapter.Jack approaches Sheila with a dire warning.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-20-21 Recap 20th August 2021

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Carter thought about Quinn telling him that Eric wanted her back. He also thought about telling her to go back to Eric. Quinn looked at her portrait. Eric said it was where it belonged. He said she was back where she belonged. Eric admitted that he thought she would turn him down. He wanted to play some music to celebrate. He said he could see everything in her eyes. She hoped he saw commitment and devotion. They kissed each other.

Finn told Steffy that he thought everyone would be happy that he found his birth mother. Steffy wanted him to understand the pain Sheila caused her family. She wanted him to promise to stay away from Sheila. She said Sheila was evil. She knew he had high hopes for their reunion. He wanted to focus on their future. She wanted a future without Sheila in it.

Sheila warned Jack that he shouldn’t tell her what to do. He warned her not to interfere in Finn’s life. She wondered why he was so worried and thought he was covering something up. She put him on the spot for not having the guts to admit why he kept quiet about her. She told him how his wife was mad that she didn’t mention her before. She wondered how he wife would react if she knew everything. He wanted her to leave and not contact Finn again. She reminded him how they used to be together when Li was working. She wondered how Li would react if she found out he talked her into adopting his child. She told him that she wasn’t staying away from her son. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-20-21 Recap 20th August 2021.


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