Bold and the Beautiful 08-23-21 Recap 23rd August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-23-21 Recap 23rd August 2021

Sheila and Jack argued about Finn. He wanted her to stay away from his son. She reminded him that he was her son with him. She told him he talked her out of keeping her baby. He wanted her to give her child to him to raise with Li. She thought Li would be upset with him if she knew that he cheated on her and expected her to take care of his baby. She told him that Finn would hate him too. Steffy talked to Finn about Sheila. He didn’t want to focus on her. He wanted to think about them and focus on their night together. She told him that he didn’t know what her family went through because of Sheila. She wanted him to promise her that he wouldn’t have any contact with Sheila. She didn’t want to think about her. He thought about sending the emoji to Sheila.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-23-21 Recap 23rd August 2021

Ridge and Brooke get romantic. Sheila blackmails Jack, exposing another bombshell secret.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-23-21 Recap 23rd August 2021

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Sheila thought she and Finn could be close if they had the opportunity. Jack wanted him to stay away from him. She remembered how he talked to her when she was pregnant. She said he took advantage of her while she was pregnant. She said she was vulnerable and he knew it. He told her how he and Li were having trouble getting pregnant. She said everything had to be perfect so he could adopt her child. Jack wanted to know what she wanted from him. He wanted to know why she was there.

Jack regretted betraying his marriage. Sheila said one beautiful thing happened. He had Finn. She was upset that Jack got to see Finn grow up and didn’t tell him about him getting married. He wished he told everyone about her sooner. He wanted to tell Finn and Li the truth. Sheila said it would destroy his marriage if he told her the truth. Sheila mentioned how Steffy didn’t want her to be near her family. Jack didn’t blame her because of the things Sheila did. Sheila wanted Jack to convince everyone to let her be near her son. She promised to leave everyone alone if she could just see her grandson. She wanted to hold Hayes in her arms and look at his face just once. She wanted to know if it was too much to ask considering everything he was going to get. Jack said he would talk to Finn. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-23-21 Recap 23rd August 2021.


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