Bold and the Beautiful 08-24-21 Recap 24th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-24-21 Recap 24th August 2021

Steffy told Finn that she felt bad for leaving town, but Hope needed her for the line. She was concerned about Sheila being in town. He told her not to worry about Sheila or the fact that she’s his birth mother. She didn’t want to leave the kids alone now that Sheila is there. He assured her that Sheila wouldn’t be a problem. She was glad they were on the same page about Sheila. He understood how important it was to keep Sheila away.

Jack thought about his conversation with Sheila. Li knew something was wrong and wanted to know if it had something to do with Sheila. She said she forgave him for not telling her about Sheila. She knew he was trying to protect the family. She told him that she loved him. He looked guilty. Li thought he was shocked to hear about Sheila’s crimes. He said it wasn’t possible to find things out on the Internet at the time. He didn’t want Li to worry about her. She was glad she moved on and they did too. He was glad she decided to marry him.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-24-21 Recap 24th August 2021

Steffy worries about Sheila showing up while she is away on business with hope.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-24-21 Recap 24th August 2021

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Eric looked at Quinn’s portrait and thought about pretending to sleep next to her. Quinn showed up and apologized for sleeping on the couch. He told her that he disappointed her again. She said she was ready to celebrate with him. Eric thought it was because of the martinis he had. She was happy to be back in his bed. She wanted to make up for it. He realized he should have told her that he desired her, but he couldn’t make love to her. He was humiliated to admit that he had erectile dysfunction. He told her that he couldn’t make love to her. She touched his face.

Sheila texted Jack telling him that she would keep their secret as long as he made it possible for her to see her grandson. Later, Jack went to see Finn. He apologized for not telling him about Sheila. He regretted what he did. He was convinced Sheila would be out of their lives soon. Finn was confused because he thought she was gone. Jack told him that she reached out to him. Finn hoped he didn’t respond to her. He said he saw her and warned her to stay out of their lives. He said she agreed to leave town if she could hold Hayes. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-24-21 Recap 24th August 2021.


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