Bold and the Beautiful 08-26-21 Recap 26th August 2021

Bold and the Beautiful 1-3-20Bold and the Beautiful 08-26-21 Recap 26th August 2021

Steffy had second thoughts about the trip since the jet wasn’t ready to go. She talked to Hope about her fears about Sheila. Steffy wondered if she should miss the meeting. Hope noticed that she was worried. Steffy reminded her that they didn’t know what Sheila was capable of doing. She was worried that she wouldn’t leave Finn and Hayes alone.

Sheila knocked on the door while Jack tried to convince Finn to let her see Hayes. Jack said it was the best thing for his family. Jack went to the door and let Sheila know that he needed more time. He let Finn know that if he let Sheila in, Steffy wouldn’t have to worry anymore. He thought about Sheila blackmailing him. He knew what he was talking about since he got rid of her before. Finn didn’t think she would go away. Sheila walked in the house and Jack told her that she wasn’t helping her case at all. She said that Jack was telling the truth. She asked him to give her the one thing.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-26-21 Recap 26th August 2021

Eric claps back at Ridge and Brooke’s who are outraged about Quinn. Meanwhile, Steffy flips out when she finds Sheila holding baby Hayes.

Bold and the Beautiful 08-26-21 Recap 26th August 2021

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Quinn told Eric that she would love him even if his situation was permanent. Brooke and Ridge walked in the mansion. She asked if they were really back together. Ridge thought Carter was wrong. Brooke couldn’t believe he got back together with Quinn. Quinn told her that Eric forgave her. Ridge didn’t think he should have forgiven her. Quinn told them it wasn’t their call to make. Quinn told them that they weren’t getting a divorce. She wanted them to get off Eric’s case about it. Brooke thought she didn’t waste time trying to get back together with him. She noticed Quinn’s portrait was back on the wall. Eric said he asked Carter to bring it over. Ridge and Brooke reminded him that Quinn cheated on him. Eric told them he pushed her into Carter’s arms. Quinn believed they could get through this obstacle. She loved how they loved Eric, but they didn’t run his life. She wanted them to leave him alone.

Brooke reminded Eric how he felt when he found out that Quinn cheated on him with Carter. She wanted to know how he could forgive her. He said he loved Quinn and she fulfilled him. He wanted Brooke and Ridge to leave. Steffy took the delay as a sign to go home. She was sorry to miss the meeting, but Hope understood. Steffy considered calling Finn, but Hope told her to surprise him.

Sheila knew Steffy banned her from the house. Finn didn’t want to betray Steffy’s trust. She told him giving him up was the hardest thing she ever did. She said she wanted him, but she couldn’t give him the life he deserved. She said she never stopped loving him. She said she wanted to see him. She wanted to see her grandson. She wanted to know if he looked like him or Steffy. He said he looked like both of them. She begged him to let her see Hayes. She said the one good thing she did was give him up so he wouldn’t have seen the things she did. She was grateful ro Jack and Li. She kept begging Finn to let her see Hayes until he gave in and let her do it. He brought Hayes out to her. He wanted her to promise that she would leave after the visit. She enjoyed holding Hayes. Steffy arrived at the house and saw Sheila holding Hayes. 

Bold and the Beautiful 08-26-21 Recap 26th August 2021.


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